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Smalls came in from playing out with their friends, and promptly told us that they dropped their phone. It um… yeah, we think one of their friends also ran over it on a scooter, and it’s absolutely unusable. We were gentle and calm, and thanked them for telling us immediately. Obvs, the rush of the fact hitting combined with just…… Read more »

Can’t Help It

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Apparently, it’s The Law™® that I always have a sock on the go, or nearly on the go. My hands kept twitching to the point where I decided okay fiiiine, I’ll start doing the gauging. I’m not sure why I bother the half-assed job I do of gauging each time I start a pair of socks, but anyways. I guess… Read more »

End Again

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Today, she is the last day of the school year here. Smalls returned triumphant from their school trip, while Smaller got to go out in style because her team won mufti rights. They have both done very well in spite of such a weird year. Their personalities are huge, and they are both quite confident in who they are. They’ve… Read more »


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Le socks, they are done. They are probably the closest to an identical match I’ve had so far, which is pleasing, since I wasn’t particularly trying (I never am — I like what comes as comes). Today has been doing the work things, and hunkering down in the a/c. It’s supposed to stay bad all week. Reputedly we’re going to… Read more »


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I’ve been trying to buckle down and get this sock done. I’m not too far off of it… about 15 rows? I don’t know if I’m going to finish that tonight, but at least yanno, getting there. I don’t know what I’m going to afterwards. Obviously, I’ve got a second Who scarf started, and I’m doing blanket squares… but both… Read more »

Thumbs Up

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And not a thumb to be seen in my photo, ha ha. Just yanno, in a cheerful food coma. It’s our anniversary, which means we ordered some takeaway. There was a new-to-us Chinese to try, so that’s always a bit of fun. Past that, we’ve just been chilling and not moving much. It’s hot out there, and the a/c is… Read more »