Head in the Clouds

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Today was super foggy, all day. It was nice after a fashion! I had to run something to the postbox (hence the ‘oh hi, I’m outside’ picture *chuckles*). The fog sticking around was a clear sign that it wasn’t windy, and with the high today being a grand total of 40F… yeah. No wind meant that it was warm enough… Read more »

Scald the Sky

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The sun was sitting on the lip of the clouds when I was walking to the postbox earlier. Even with my sunnies on, it was much too bright. Still, it was pleasant without being too warm or too too cold, so yanno. Make the most of the moment. Past that, I had boxes! BOXES! *laughs* I found a site that… Read more »

Still Here

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Yeah naw, I’m still alive and all that. I’ve just like… completely blanked on getting this done? There’s really no ‘good’ reason why, but I’m not beating myself up either. It’s weird times and my brain is tired, and it’s genuinely a miracle that I manage to keep myself in more or less good nick with how uncertain things are…. Read more »


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I’m kind of worn out right now, when the only thing I’ve did-done was photograph and list some bracelets. If I’m honest, I should probably redo the photos because they all got way too much bright light exposure going for them, but they work in a pinch. I’ll see if I can rouse myself to looking at them again tomorrow,… Read more »


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While the temperature on paper hasn’t been particularly lower than normal, the planet has tilted enough that it feels a lot colder. I was slightly surprised to see my own breath in the middle of the day as I walked to the postbox. That cleared up after a few steps, but still. We’re apparently getting nearly to freezing overnight tonight,… Read more »

Eat My Dust

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Actually, don’t eat it, ’cause it’s plastic remnants, and those aren’t particularly tasty or good for you. I’m probably more plastic/acrylic than woman these days, with all the drilling I’ve been doing. *laughs* I’ve also just ordered an ungodly amount of beads from China. Like, over a kilo and a half, because the price is ridiculously good if the duty… Read more »


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Z had spotted a set of super-cuteĀ Among Us plushes on Amazon… which meant that we had to, of course, buy them. The original plan was to gift them to the entire fam for Christmas… but like we could make it that long. We waited until both the girls were home, and then hid them around the house for them to… Read more »


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It’s finally happened — one of the students at the girls’ school has tested positive for Covid. It’s a person in Small’s class, so she’s off for two weeks. Apparently, our school is one of the last in the country to have anyone test positive, so hey… good. Ish. Smaller still gets to go to school unless any of us… Read more »

Feline Mockery

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Ever since getting my new chair, Batman has cranked up the clinginess. There’s not a wide enough-low enough top for him to get on, so he just refuses to try to get on my chair at all. Instead it’s all like, mom you need to keep a hand down towards the ground for me to batter against, otherwise you’re not… Read more »