Ooh, Shiny

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While it’s a day later than Smallhausen wanted, our tree is up and vaguely decorated. Which is to say, the girls put the ornaments on, and we’ve not gotten around to adjusting the spacing on them. It looks passably fine from where I’m sitting, and I told her that I was impressed with her efforts. Really, she’s been a good… Read more »

Another Hot Date (Misery Incarnate)

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I have had a cold developing over the last couple of days. I went to bed with Sir Olbas Oil last night, and woke up feeling pretty rough. I’ve had some chest pain the last couple of days which I presumed was bra-related, so I decided to go without today (weekend slobbing, aww yiss?). It doesn’t seem to have helped,… Read more »

I’m Done For

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Today was one of those rare days that I was in the office properly. There is a single November year end account, so I figured it would be a good idea to go in and work through it with my hand held. I’m going to go back in in January for a few days for the same reason. And while… Read more »

Job Done

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As of today, I can report that my Pokédex is properly, 100% complete… as of the last generation of games, Generation VI. I still find it funny that I found it easier to gather 721 Pokémon, to include all Mythicals, than I did the original 151. Having said that, the Global Trade System and Wonder Trade functions in Generations VI… Read more »

Food Coma

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I just got back from our annual Stitch ‘n Bitch Christmas dinner. And while I had intended to share a picture of my meal, I can’t. I ate so much that thinking about or looking food is making my gorge rise. But man, worth it. Herd puts on a good Christmas dinner. And! We were apparently their first Christmas dinner… Read more »

It’s Probably Dead Now

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I spotted this little fellow on my shoe a few minutes ago. I figured I’d politely take it outside. That didn’t go well and I panicked and flung it and heard a thwap. Then Z pointed out that even if didn’t accidentally murder it with my eepful flinging that the cold probably would. Oh well. Rest in peace little bug… Read more »

Out the Door

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I packed the snoods up with Z today, and sent them to their intended recipient at work. She was delighted, and asked what she owed me. Not gonna lie, I way low-balled myself; I said a minimum of £20, with anything above and over being please and thank you. Still, it wasn’t done for profit, but it’s nice to get… Read more »

The Leaden Tease

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The sky was teasing me today. It was all heavy and dark and looking wintry, but alas, not doing anything but passing by the window. We’re going to have some sub-freezing overnight temperatures the next couple of nights, but no promises of anything snow-esque. There’s probably going to be a lot of complaining about not-snow over the next couple of… Read more »

My Day in a Picture

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Well, this picture is lacking the cake aspect of the day. There’s definitely cake in the house. It was the ‘Winter Bonanza’ at Smallhausen’s school today, which basically means ‘come forth and give us money for tat’. So we bought our annual portion of reindeer food, Small’s annual glitter tattoo, and three cakes. We were there as they were preparing… Read more »

And Finally, the Moon

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Why yes, my picture here is different from my featured image I’m tricking you, hee hee. But then, I myself was tricked by Z. He’d apparently ordered both of them for me and was being sneaky about it. His logic? He wanted to make sure that I had both of them before the Genesect codes expired. This is one of… Read more »