Selfie Queens

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If there is one thing that Littlerbit loves to do, it’s to take selfies. As it’s my BFFFFF bat’s birthday and he loves getting selfies as presents, I let her jab her finger at my screen a couple of times to see what we could random up. I rather like this one, even if we’re both mainly out of frame…. Read more »


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It was a Stitch ‘n Bitch night, and I am very tired. I had an unexpected run-in with someone (completely unrelated to the knitting group), and while it was a polite exchange, I was shaking like a leaf for it. That sort of thing wears a spoonless lass out by a vast measure, and I just want to sleeeeep foreeever…. Read more »

Patterns Emerge

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As expected, the shawl is progressing nicely. It’s sort of silly — any time I try a new knitting skill, I’m shitting kittens for ages before my brain gets to a place where it’ll cooperate and give it a go. It’s not even about making mistakes per se. I’m okay with making mistakes. I guess it’s the fear of making… Read more »

‘Til the Landslide…

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My desk is starting to get all disorganised and mishy-mashy again. As long as things don’t fall off, I don’t really care that much right now. I would ideally like to get it sorted again in the near future, but that’s contingent on feeling vaguely like a human. I don’t feel that human right now, so. And now a couple… Read more »

Totally Radical

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*pats face* This face, she is a good face. I like my face. I’m also lacking in interesting photos for the day too, so you get my face. La! It’s fine though. I think that while some insist this whole ‘obsession’ with self is narcissistic, I prefer to think of it as radical self-love. Society and the media says I… Read more »

The Latest in Fashion

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Littlerbit starts nursery next month, and one of the things that they are required to have at school is a pair of wellies for wet play. Littler loves wellies, so popped them on the second she got near them. I don’t know why it charms me so that she can put them on by herself, but she can. She didn’t… Read more »

Creeping Along

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Because it’s got sort of a vine motif, get it? Get it? Yeah sorry-not-sorry, I continue with the horrible jokes. I continue to be happy that I restarted though. I’m moving through it with a lot more confidence, and am able to tell where I made mistakes before I get too far past them. Most importantly, I’m not panicking and… Read more »

Brilliant Times

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Hahah, it’s late, so late. But it was a really good night out. It was a small group, only five of us, but it was a candid and friendly environment with lots of good chatter and crafting and the usual silliness. I had some rather edifying conversations that made me feel less alone in the world. I also managed to… Read more »

Puny Party

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Today was one of those odd days where Littlerbit wanted to be attached to me the entirety of the day. That included well after Z got home from work; even if she deigns to snuggle me, she abandons me the second he gets in. But nope, I was what she wanted, and I gave her lots of it. I didn’t… Read more »

Back to Square… Something

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I fudged something very slightly on the last row of the pattern, but I can’t see what it is and I had the right number of stitches on the whole, so I call it a job well done. I’ve started the second iteration of the pattern, and hope to make some good progress tonight. Or at least, progress, hee hee…. Read more »