Cuffs and Collars

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I reached the point of yass last night in my knitting; I got to the cuff at the end of the first sleeve. I’m not done with it yet, but I should be able to knock that out and get started on the next sleeve tonight (all things being equal). Having said that, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are out, and… Read more »

Dolled Up

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I have to say, the little pots I bought on a whim to put stitch markers in are perfect. They’re screw-on, so there’s that extra security of them staying put. Z commented that we could potentially get some labels to add to the top, and we could. I’m certainly tempted, even if the labels of the right size are like,… Read more »

Happy Accident

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I was absent-mindedly collecting some Pokémon in Pokémon Go earlier; one of the mission tasks is to collect 108 of the blighters. I was super amused to look down and realise I’d picked up a shiny without noticing. I was then slightly annoyed that it couldn’t’ve saved its shininess until I collected the next Pokémon on the map… not that it… Read more »


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I’m waffling on what I want/’need’ to do this evening. Ideally, I’d get the stitch markers I made yesterday photographed. But also, I’ve neglected my knitting for a couple of days and cooler weather is definitely making its bite known now. With the former, there’s also the continued desire to make markers, but I won’t have the rings in for… Read more »

Fruit Salad

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I have spent the bulk of the day making tiny stitch markers. These are firmly in the lace/sock knitting arena, and ‘Fruit Salad’ is going to be the overarching name for this ‘range’. Granted, it’s not what you’d traditionally find in a fruit salad, but that’s less the point. *chuckles* I’ve also ordered a few bits, like more jump rings,… Read more »

Sidedesk 2.0

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I have, finally, managed to get my head around the beginnings of reorganising my extended workspace. I’ve also done some reorganisation on my Etsy page, which has given me a better idea of what size needles I need to plump out. Like, 4mm is a super common size that people use, but pretty much everything I have in shop is… Read more »


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I’ve not picked up my knitting today, because I am feeling the urge to make super-tiny stitch markers. Like, you see that picture? That’s a set of ten around a 5p (which is about the size of an American dime). I’m currently sorting out tiny beads for other sets, because why not. It’s soothing after a fashion. That’s really been… Read more »

The Falls

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I had a parcel to run to the post office, which means the usual looking for things to photograph. I found this particular pile of autumnal detritus attractive, so yanno, here ya go. Work was work, and afternoon was afternoon. I’m trying to unbury parts of my desk to find some of my crafting things that aren’t yarn, but I… Read more »

Dino Egg

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I was helping a friend with part of a toy pattern they were having problems with. Which means I now have a random dino spike-spine thing hanging on my desk. So why not put it on the ball of white wool and pretend it’s an egg or something silly. Life is always bettered for a touch of whimsy. Z has… Read more »

Majestically Needy

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Batman has been a bit clingy lately. I’m not sure why, but I do my best to give him the affection he’s asking for. I love it when he gets up on the back of my chair, as he does it infrequently and it puts him in the best range for pets. I’d love it if I could encourage him… Read more »