Naughts & Crosses

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While I have zero faith that today’s election is going to make anything less of a shitshow here, I still went and did my part. That was exhausting in its own way, since yanno, as said, shitshow. Add in the fact that Smaller’s class had their nativity play as well, and I am deep-in-the-bone exhausted now. I keep randomly letting… Read more »

Rainbow Skettis

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Probably a surprise to nobody, I finished the knitting on the jumper this afternoon. Now I have the job of weaving in 1,000 pieces of rainbow spaghetti. Sigh? Sigh. It shouldn’t be too bad once I get properly stuck into it. I’m already making some decent headway down the body, thanks to the internet helping me find the right method… Read more »


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My knitting goal for the day was to get the first rainbow on the second sleeve done… job done! It certainly encourages me to try and get as much done as possible, time permitting. For this exact second, I’m scratching a hole through my leg. I managed to gouge my ankle with the side of a fingernail the other day,… Read more »

One Done, and…

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… and it’s pleasing how much a difference having the best tool for the job makes. While I don’t expect to get the second sleeve completed quite as quickly, it leaves me optimistic that I can get it done sooner rather than later. And in fit-checking, Smaller is very happy, so hooray for that. Beyond that, been nursing a headache…. Read more »

Much Better

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My new needle came in fairly early, which means I’ve been able to resume making some progress on my knitting. I’ve not buckled down like I ‘should’, but that’s fine. I am not under any obligation to be constantly and consistently productive. That goes double when I am trying to make sure that I am resting and waiting for this… Read more »


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The needle sizes I’m using to do Smaller’s jumper are different from Small’s jumper… which means I cannot for the life of me find a 9″ circular in the size I require (5.5mm). Of course, the second I say that, I manage to find a listing… lulzirony, you’re my favourite sort of irony. I’ll probably grab one asap, if only… Read more »

Body and…

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And just like that, the body section of this jumper is complete. I’m hoping to make some sincere progress this weekend on the sleeves, but we’ll see what focus I can or cannot muster. I know that said focus is about to take a probably heavy dink due to the fact that friends keep talking about Stardew Valley (there was new… Read more »

Hazy Shade of…

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I actually went outside today… I don’t recommend it. It was cold and hazy, and I was pleased that I felt well enough to walk briskly to combat it. All things being equal, I’ll be going out again tonight, but we’ll see. ‘Cause plague. Like, Littler and Z stayed home today because of plague. The former had to be reminded… Read more »


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Poison is one of those cats that is either demanding all the attention, or giving all the snubs. I went over to give her pets, but she refuses to acknowledge me while I did it. Ah well. I am super knackered right now. I’ve had a productive day — good working, processing laundry, and listing the eleventy million stitch markers… Read more »

Easily Distracted

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I find myself today making ALL THE STITCH MARKERS with no particular rhyme or reason. I’m basically using up some older beads and jump rings, and then sorting them into pots for what needle size is the best match. I’m going to offer them as mixed lots at a lower price, which will hopefully attract some attention. And it scratches… Read more »