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While not the original stealthbutt that I very unstealthily stuck inside of bat’s door, it’s -a- stealthbutt. Smaller had made up a couple ‘for your butt collection, mommy!’, and I taped one of those to the window when the girls were playing outside. It had been my hopes that Smalls would see it and get annoyed with me, but alas…. Read more »

Amusing Easily

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At the corner where we turn into the hospital is this (now closed) restaurant across the road. I don’t have any idea how long ago the ‘T’ fell off the sign, but the idea of HE CHIP IN(N) amused me way too much. Saves me money, being so easily amused. As for the appointment… it went fine. I probably unnerved… Read more »

Bows for Her

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Smaller expressed a desire for bows, so Z obliged her. I was up in the bath when this happened, so I can only guess they were put on for decoration rather than styling. It’s cute though, whatever the case. I’m feeling about 10 pounds lighter after defurring myself, ha ha. Since I have to drop trou for the appointment tomorrow,… Read more »

All Hail the Kid’s Section!

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We had popped into Tesco to buy a few clothing bits for the girls. Smaller specifically needed some new shoes, and she picked out several pairs of pretty things. I clocked these lovelies and opined that they don’t make cool things in my my sizes. Turns out my feet are small enough for the high end of the kid’s section,… Read more »


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Today has been an excellent day of doing nothing and zoning out. I’m making slow but steady progress on my knitting, and making slightly faster progress on my game. I’m currently playing┬áTropico 6, which is just as fun as the other entries in the franchise so far. I’m finding the questing a bit harder, but there’s nothing wrong with that… Read more »

Come at Me, Tiny Bros

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Smaller had the pleasant surprise of a play date, one that has been a good time for all parties involved (except the snail someone crushed on accident that I stepped in sock first… that fellow didn’t have a good time). The children were playing a game on the trampoline where they were bouncing people out of the circle in the… Read more »

Moo On

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Today is Moo Cow Day, a holiday declared by the children… last year? I think it was last year. It’s on perma-repeat in my Google calendar so I won’t forget it, and that’s the important thing. The celebration of it has so far amounted to being permitted to bring soft toys downstairs to hang out, and Z is grabbing everyone… Read more »

Sunlit Lies

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The girls decided there was more outdoor time… hrmph. I dawdled indoors long enough that I was tipped off to the fact that they wanted coats, which meant I made sure to get hoodied up before going out. I’m still in my hoodie; I’ve not gotten around to switching it out for my robe. My hair was wet, so I… Read more »

Scenes from the Outside

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The childlings decided that we needed to knock off and go play outside again. I semi-grudgingly conceded; they asked during one of the few bits of joy I had in getting work done today, so I got them to give me a few to get that sorted out. It was a semi-decent temp out, but the wind was high. I… Read more »