Muggin’ with My Boo

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This was part of a series of photos that was supposed to just be one of her sleeping extra curled up. But she woke up when I stood up, so we ended up getting a few shots of us rubbing heads together. It’s wild to think that she used to be scared of getting touched; she literally screams for it… Read more »


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I figure I’d not posted a picture of the scrap blanket in awhile, so here ya go. It’s about 16 inches ‘long’ now; it’s still much wider than it is longer. I’m slowly adding wool from toy kits, which means it’s going through a bit of a brown patch due to a profusion of bears and reindeer. ¬¬ But never… Read more »

Drums in the Deep

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It was louder today, to my bemusement. I think that he was working upstairs, because the echoing was hard through the walls. It’s not like it was constant though, and while I could’ve bailed, I think that would have been bad for Batman. He’s been really clingy in response to the noise levels, so bailing on him would probably be… Read more »


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Before we moved into our current home, we did some extensive renovations. The heating system needed to be swapped out for radiators, and we had the whole house rewired as well. So of course, the new neighbours are doing the same in regard to radiators, and that started today. I chucked some paracetamol at my head as a preventative, and… Read more »

From Yesterday

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Today’s picture is the one I would’ve used yesterday — if Baby was cooperating with getting online, enabling me to deal with the slight fussiness that comes from wanting to use a picture. But never mind. It was a good day, and it’s still a good picture of me to use (and one in, heaven forfend, natural light xD). Today… Read more »


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Just a quick hi/bye today, as I am having to do this via my phone. We are hanging out with friends today, and Baby had decided yet again that she isn’t down with the wi-fi q. C thinks the internal wireless antenna isn’t connected up properly, but that would take some welly to open her up and check. So I’m… Read more »

All Shiny

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I’ve probably shared pictures of this hair stick before, but eh. It’s what’s in my hair and about as far as my brain extends post-dinner. *chuckles* Today has been… a day. I’m relieved that half-term is more or less over. The girls have been really awesome for the most part, and I’ve made some progress on catching up with my… Read more »

Nailed It (Not Really)

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I made my first slightly more than half-assed attempt to darn a sock today. It came out slightly better than it looks here, but I still forgot to do things like leaving a loop at the end of each row. Whups. Still, the hole is closed and filled in and isn’t annoying the bottom of my foot, so I’ll call… Read more »

So Cleaaaan

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My hair had hit the point of being beyond disgusting, so it feels pretty awesome to have it clean. Getting the bathing thing done was nudged along by goodies from Little Who Studios; I’d ordered some stuff for someone else, and there were a few goodies for me as well. So that was super nice of them. We are having… Read more »

All in the Cards

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Right now, I feel like my desk is buried in white envelopes. With a couple of birthdays and Valentine’s Day in the queue, I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something or someone. If I am, then oh well — the world will continue turning. On a tangent, I’ve been reminded that small children aren’t natural secret keepers. I’ve asked Littler… Read more »