Raeyn   September 26, 2016   No Comments on Seamless

Today has been a productive day in the world of knitting. Otherwise, it’s been another sod all ’cause of feeling dizzy and crap. And well, not knitting exactly, but more sewing. I did have to knit a couple of rows after picking up the neckline. Again. At least it wasn’t so bad the second time around, though it wasn’t great… Read more »

Picking Up

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I’ve really done sod all today, which is fine by me. I slept poorly, I’ve got the vertigo still rocking, so like… moving… bad. Not moving, good. I’ve just sort of kicked back and continued on with Craft the World, and vaguely poked at my knitting. I finished the actual body knitting last night, so I spent a couple of… Read more »

Eh, Stuff

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We’ve had company today, hooray! Which means I’ve not thought about blogging, but rather, have been enjoying said company. There’s been knitting, and gaming, good food, and getting told off by Smallhausen for laughing too loud. The gaming that has filled in most of the day have been various Jackbox games. Z had bought a couple in a bundle because… Read more »

Serenity Is…

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Serenity is finally having my desk chipped back to something resembling tidy. The area is still sort of overgrown more than I like, but I’ll take Z’s suggestion and we can get another set of drawers to stack on the ones the wool are atop of in the corner. I’d declined it when he’d suggested it earlier, joking that it… Read more »

I Woke Up Like This

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Well, in addition to being dead cute and all that, obviously. My working theory is that Batman attacked my hand while I was asleep; even with me injuring myself all the time and not noticing because of ADHD, there’s not really any other way I could have sustained a cut in bed. I’m sort of really proud of myself, because… Read more »

Boots Don’t Lie

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Well, they actually do, sort of. They would indicate that I was feeling well when heh, nope. I’ve been assaulted by spinny-heady stuff that made me think a migraine was coming on.  My back caught in a really severe sort of way, and too early for me to take anything for it (though I have now). I actually even thought… Read more »

Sure, Why Not

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Today’s featured image comes to you via my stairwell. Yes, those are my actual stairs. The house was built in the 60s, and the carpets really, REALLY reflect that. Well. We replaced the carpet in our bedroom (was lino before, ew), and the knackered out carpet in the study and bathroom, but the stairs/halls/other two bedrooms… we kept the scary… Read more »

Voila, Smartassery

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It would seem that I let my phone run out of charge, so there goes my finding photographic ‘inspiration’ from my environment… my messy, messy environment. *chuckles* I’m pretty good at moving through it without injury, but I should probably scoop up the car-shaped caltrops. Eventually. *chuckles* I’ve done a good job of doing little today. I completed the Sinnoh… Read more »

Because Why Not

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Tonight’s featured image comes to you compliments of me having the saying stuck in my head because playing Craft the World and seeing lots of Beholders. So yanno, lulz. I slay myself, and so forth. But really, it’s been a really chill day. I think everyone actually got a little bit of relaxation on, which is excellent. I’ve made some… Read more »