Sights and Delights

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Yes, it’s a lost shoe on a pole — surprise! *laughs* It’s the sort of random sight that amuses and delights me, because yanno… random. All about the random. I am tired. I’ve left the house a few times already, because yanno, I don’t want to spend the entire trip cooped up. We stopped by the wool shop, which turns… Read more »

Me Too, Friendo

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After a less than auspicious start vis-à-vis a severe leg cramp in the night, it’s been alright. Z took the girls out after breakfast for a wander, then came back for lunch. We then set out for the aquarium, which pleasantly killed a few hours. Pictured here was a napping octopus hiding in a bit of fake coral. I especially… Read more »

Packing, Shuffling

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Things are progressing towards completion for our heading out tomorrow. We’ve gotten just about the rest of the laundry caught up, mine and Littler’s case is packed, and Smalls and Z will complete their case shortly; theirs is being delayed by a shirt Smalls wanted to take that is in the dryer. I’ve still got a few bits and bobs… Read more »

In Progress

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Today has definitely been a good day to start our two weeks off. Z took the girls for a spot of shopping this morning, and picked up some sandwiches on the way back. I’ve had a long hot bath, and been working on my earring listings. I think I’ve almost got my head around how to photograph against black, and… Read more »

A Little for Me

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It seems that on my brain’s holiday to-do list is to make sure I have plenty of stitch markers. I even ordered a pretty tin to put them in, because yanno, I apparently had a need. The ones pictured here are small, as in, will do 4mm needles and under. Which if I’m honest, covers most of my knitting needs,… Read more »


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I semi-recently added the Sell on Esty app on my phone to make it easier to get my photographs into draft listings. I went a step further and set up some custom notifications, because hey, it’s super easy to do these days. What cracks me up is that the notification I set for people liking items confuses the hell out… Read more »

Not Really *laughs*

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Today’s picture is the ultimate ‘crap, take a picture’ picture. I’m not particularly excited or concerned or anything — the picture, much like the pie, is a lie. *giggles* Having said that, I’m starting to feel the first stirrings of excitement for our forthcoming holiday. I’d ordered a new swimdress, and it’s cute. I even put a picture of me… Read more »

Quality Improv

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I was talking to Z this morning, trying to brainstorm ideas for how to improve my lightbox. Namely, a way to support the cloth I’m using as backing at the top of the box. He suggested using a kitchen skewer supported on a tower of Duplo, which seemed like a reasonable idea (seeing how I don’t want to break the… Read more »

Blow Harder

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Today has been that borderline of warm and humid that had made the concept of moving even more insulting. It’s supposed to be a smidge warmer tomorrow and then cooler again after, so we’ll see. I could have turned the a/c on if I really wanted to, but I don’t know, trying to ‘tough’ it out or something. At least… Read more »