Star of

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I spotted these in our front grass yesterday, and snapped a picture. I *think* that they are Star of Bethlehem, which is some sort of lily? It’s pretty, but like… lily. There are several houses in our street that let their cats out to roam, so I might have to make the effort to remove them, just to be on… Read more »

Tower of Babble

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Babble, yanno… ’cause it’s a phone post, har har. I slay me. I was feeling my age on my little postbox run though, lemme tell you. I managed to pull my left underboob muscle (actual scientific name, honest!) yesterday somehow, so I had to chuck pain meds at it enough to walk without pulling it. My only guess is that… Read more »

Strike a

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I’d flopped on the couch to annoy Smalls, and ended up taking a picture over in different light. I also got some pictures with Smalls, but those are yanno, just for us. 🙂 Nothing much to report on the day. Z and I made some progress on trying to get our heads around work stuff, so yanno, that’s nice. Past… Read more »


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Poison doing her normal nighttime thing of claiming my chair, but — we’ve sort of reached an accord! Which is to say, she’ll actually get into the chair with me in the room now, and will sometimes let me carry her over to it. Maybe it’s her idea of punishment for the days where she comes over an hour before… Read more »


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Okay realtalk, this was an attempt to take a sad/mope picture, and it just came out grumpy. I’m still feeling a bit sad and mopey, but come on — hilarious. But yeah! Sad! Mope! Just got slammed with a wave of it last night and it’s still lingering today. Mourning of sorts, I reckon. We can like… *gesticulate* make choices… Read more »


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Getting slammed with some of the post-vaccine lurgy today. My arm is still a bit tender, though my nighttime ministrations have helped keep me from waking myself up from ouch factor. Naw like, the main thing is that I got slammed this afternoon with a wave of… feeling heavy? It’s not like breathing is any harder, but each breath feels… Read more »


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So yeah, finished the first sock this morning. I pretty much immediately started on the second, and make quite a bit of progress earlier. Mum was impressed; she’s not taken a shine to doing socks before, but she has expressed a lot more curiosity about all of it lately. I don’t think that I’ll be roping her into the fun… Read more »


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It was lovely to get out of the village. The weather was a bit gloomy when we left, but otherwise was really pretty. Even if we were just driving through town, it was nice for the chance of scenery. And it was a productive day. We got all the boxes ticked, and everything dovetailed fairly nicely. Now I’m just chilling… Read more »

Move Forward

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Tomorrow is gonna be a busybee day — which meant I took some time today to have a nice long bath, paint my nails, etc. Much easier to face the outside world with clean hair and flashy nails, yanno? But yes! We have our second COVID vaccine dose. We have local elections. We have a parent teacher conference call (had… Read more »

Best Mess

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I don’t know how much grind I’m going to put towards scarf #2, but at least it’s cast on now. There’s every chance that it will mainly camp out in a bag until I’m done with this pair of socks, but. At least it’s an option on the table (har har har). Today in excitement and getting old — new… Read more »