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I got stuck into doing most of the present wrapping today. Yes, it’s totally a small pile, and Z and I kind of independently came to the conclusion that less is more. There are digital gifts that aren’t there in the pile, so they’re still getting a decent value of presents. Instead, it’ll be things that we know that they… Read more »

Woven In

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I’ve already used this picture somewhere today, but sod it. It’s Sunday, and I don’t have to be as on the ball. *laughs* Plus, people here probably want to see the completed product, and voila — here they are, looking awesome. I am going to save them for the Christmas party at Thursday knitting to debut them, so they’re just… Read more »

Before the Storm

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I had a parcel to drop off at the Post Office today, and as usual when that occurs, I look for photo fodder. This abandoned glove amused me, as it was brutally cold with promised wet on the way. And while I didn’t see any of the snow that *might* have considered happening, it’s rained all day… this glove is… Read more »


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Lookit, I made light explode! Okay, not really, but I was mused me scrambling to pose for a ticking camera ended up with this as the result… I  amuse easily, ha ha. But it’s a good face and a good pose, ’cause today was a productive day, and this looks sort of celebratory. I got work completely caught up. It’s… Read more »

From Smalls with Giggles

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When I came down this morning, Smalls dashed ahead of me and started pointing at my desk. ‘Look Mommy, somebody drew a butt there!’ I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her I loved her, smiling because it’s excellent to start the day with a highly amused childling. Obviously, she’d done it, and she ‘fessed up’ as… Read more »

All Bright and Shiny

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Yes, that’s me, out of doors, in natural light… the horror, right? *giggles* I had two orders overnight/this morning, so after fussing after them for ages, I took them to the Post Office. I also needed to pick up a loaf of bread, so multi-tasking! We had a Tesco order in this evening, but Z was having lunch at home… Read more »

Howdy Derr

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Yup, it’s mah face again. xD A pretty face for a blank mind, but I am never going to complain about my brain being quiet. A quiet brain is one that isn’t actively trying to kill me, and that’s a Good Thing™®. It’s been surprisingly chilly all day. I mean, I know that it’s approximately winter, but it’s ‘supposed’ to… Read more »

Double Ouch

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Smalls, on the subject of her sister: ‘She keeps falling over because she’s so happy.’ Which is to say, when Smalls knocked on the door upon getting back from school, she was followed by a bleeding sister being carried by Z. It turns out she’d taken out her knees on the way to school, and her lip on the way back…. Read more »

Ticking Along

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Today has been for staring blankly, with a small side of knitting. Doing the travelling cable makes the whole thing feel like it’s working up really quickly. So even if I haven’t done much today (and let’s be honest, I haven’t), it feels like I did? Good enough, ha ha. But eh, it’s Sunday, so it’s not like I have… Read more »