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Holiday! Let’s… not move at all! *laughs* Naw like, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed with not having to do anything for a few weeks… which makes no sense, but heeey, I’m Backwards Girl™® in all things. It’s fine though, really. I’ve had a nice day, just like… realising that I can do ALL THE NOTHING and somehow that was just. Anyways…. Read more »


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So, this is the sock as it’s going. I’m also currently re(re-re-re)reading Into the Drowning Deep, and am currently at the part of the book where someone is in a submersible pod in the Challenger Deep… so like, dark and water and stuff. Like, they’re suddenly relevant to each other, and that’s sort of cool and random. I shot a tweet… Read more »


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Smaller still loves to sit on me, and you know what? I like it too for the most part. But sometimes that means dabbing into my eye, and trying to use my legs to support her entire weight. Good thing she’s cute, right? *chuckles* It’s been a good day for the most part. I got an Etsy order out before… Read more »

Incidental Delight

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I finished off that second sock last night, and immediately got stuck in to the next pair. I’m hoping that I can turn them around fairly quickly as well, but we’ll see. The games I’m poking at right now require a bit more attention than not, which means that I can’t ‘game’ while knitting in the same way as, say,… Read more »


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Barring unforeseen circumstances, it looks like I am going to be finishing this sock/pair of socks tonight. And then, hopefully, casting on for the next one. My bag of sock wool that I bought at the start of last year is starting to look a bit flatter, so woo for that. I might, I’ve not 100% decided, take the ball… Read more »


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Z arranged for Smaller’s bestie to come around for a ‘socially distanced’ playdate. Which in essence basically meant being outdoors, and eventually giving up hollering about getting them to keep apart. The kids had fun, the adults had fun, and I got a lot of knitting done. I do my best knitting when socialising, so I consider progress a sign… Read more »


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I’ve been letting loads of clean laundry build up for *mumbldey-nth* days now, and I finally cajoled myself into processing it. My arms hurt a looot, ha ha. I almost took a break post sorting because of it, but I figured that I should bull through and get my stuff folded and put away as well. Gold star? Gold star…. Read more »

Adult Toys

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Z and I were talking vacuums yesterday or the day before… and whelp, we have a new vacuum in today. *laughs* I was bemused at how cavalier he was about spending the £££ on it, having already forgotten that we had agreed we were going to spend money that would’ve been spent on/during holiday this year on goodies for the… Read more »


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Spider-cat In a vat Lazy fuck, he stays there sat Which is to say, he was laying in the bathtub watching a spider on the ceiling. He looked like he was nigh-on drooling… but yanno, not even bothering to cackle threateningly at it. Ah well, at least he’s cute. Didn’t do much today, but that’s okay, ’cause yanno, my day… Read more »


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So like, you would think two balls of yarn from the same dye lot would like… start at the same-ish place? These two deeefinitely did not. But eh, it’s fine. I am not one of those people obsessed with socks I knit being a perfect match for each other. If anything, I prefer same-ish, because it makes it a bit… Read more »