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Anodyne, besides being a game I am direly overdue to play, was the soothing capacity of taking a little walk to the postbox. It was simply gorgeous out, and a decent number of people were taking advantage of it (while still trying to observe social distancing, something that everyone seems to be trying hard to do). It’s been an alright… Read more »


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Z gets the credit for this photo of Poison sleeping on not one, but two stuffed llamas. I was gonna go outside and take one, ’cause I have an Etsy order to take to the postbox… but it’s the Bank Holiday tomorrow, so it’s not like they’re going to be picking it up first thing tomorrow morning. Probably. It’s packed… Read more »

The Living Daylights

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I’ve had several names of James Bond themes in my heads, and I figured this worked better than ‘A View to a Kill‘. Whatever the case, it is lovely out today, not that I’ve gone outside. I’m having one of those days where I’m bone weary, wherein my bones feel so heavy and achy that moving feels beyond me. Such… Read more »

Still a Surprise

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Today’s photo is from yesterday’s jaunt to the store; I genuinely am pleased that the same stretch of road can find me new flowers to admire every time. Everyone’s roses are starting to come up too, which I will have to photograph next time I’m out and about. Today… today would’ve been an awesome day to be out and about…. Read more »

Mad Feet

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It is stiflingly, oppressively warm today. Even though the thermostat only puts it into high 70s, it feels very fierce. So of course, my dumb butt gets the brilliant idea to go out in it. ¬¬ Having said that, it meant I could fetch some ready meals for dinner, a new loaf of bread… and my main reason, a bottle… Read more »

Switch Hit

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Between the weather (hoooot), and my need to be able to keep my hands busy during a video call, I ended up starting the gauge square for my next pair of socks. I don’t know if I’m going to continue with it or switch back to crochet… maybe crochet for a bit. As said, it’s warm, and I don’t really… Read more »

By the Moon

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I have never given Sailor Moon a fair chance as a franchise. I saw the first episode in the 90s without realising it was the first episode, and was thoroughly unimpressed by an Usagi that sat down and cried. Now that I’m older and know what actually was supposed to be happening… maybe I’ll eventually get around to properly watching it…. Read more »

Indignity, Thy Name Is

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Batman decided that he was bored while I was getting ready for bed, and started flailing around in the bathtub. There was probably a little fly I couldn’t see — who knows. He stopped flailing the second I got my phone up, and gave me the indignant glare here. Yes cat, I know, how dare I embarass you. Or something…. Read more »

No, That Blue

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I’ve spent a good chunk of my waking hours in the past 24 hours sorting beads. Beads beads beads. And that included sorting out the two blues in the picture. I think that they’re a bit more obvious with the extra light the picture itself provided, but it’s still a lot of crossed eyes and comparing back and forth. I’m… Read more »