I Live!

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The endometrial ablation procedure went fine. I was home earlier than we expected, and was able to please, surprise, and delight Mum by walking into her house with a smile and nary a wobble when we went to pick the girls up afterwards. The worst thing yesterday had was mild cramping, and come on, I can walk into a house… Read more »

Getting Ready

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I am going to be glad when tomorrow is over. It’s my hopes that everything will settle down enough that I don’t miss blogging in the evening! I’ve missed more posts in the past two-three weeks that I have in the previous 5-10 years, and isn’t that just annoying. Having said that, I’ve been on the ball with my private… Read more »

Death Wish

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Poison there on the couch… she’s not a fan of her brother Batman. She’s the gentlest little old lady, except where he’s concerned. Why? He’s needy, he gets up in her face, and she responds with unabashed violence. He lucked out this time, but I do wonder what’s in his furry little mind sometimes. Today has been a lot of… Read more »

Steady On

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I had really shite focus on work things today, so I ended up making some progress on the jumper Smalls asked me to make her. I am enjoying the logistics of top down in the round; this is the first time I’ve worked a pattern as such. It’s a solid pattern; I might well have to make one for myself… Read more »

Cat, Mood

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Batman was flailing around in the bathtub last night for reasons unknown. I didn’t see any bugs, just… cat. Flailing. Thanks for the free entertainment, I guess? *laughs* Today has been… day shaped. We still don’t have confirmation as to whether or not Z’s dad gets to come home tomorrow; we’ll hopefully find out tomorrow morning. It’s looking good though…. Read more »

The Craftening

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The wool for Small’s jumper has come in, so I’ve gotten a start on the collar (as pictured). I guess I could have started on it sooner, but I like to have all of my materials before I get too stuck in. Which yeah, means not reading ahead in the pattern… that probably would’ve been useful, but anyways. Not really… Read more »

What She Said

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Princess Tinyface has no time or patience with BS. I feel this, though not quite so snarkily. Mine is mainly stemming from being tired, which yanno, was always gonna be the case with how things are at current. But the girls have been golden today, and they enjoyed getting to Facetime their Grandad. It was his first time doing such… Read more »

Me Again

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Hooboy, hi. Things have been a bit hectic here lately. Z’s dad took poorly yesterday and got carted off to hospital. He wasn’t super keen on staying overnight, but he’s feeling much better about it today. Which is good, since they moved him onto the ward for ??? how long. He’s alive though, in good spirits, and better for being… Read more »