Dat Sass

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Yaaaas, I am so cute. Freshly washed hair always boosts my mood in this regard. 😀 Not a lot going on today. I updated the name of the Facebook page for my Etsy shop; it was originally tied to the blog at digitalglitch.org, but like… might as well continue my repurposing. That the page name is still Digitalraeyn works well… Read more »

Boy Racer

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So. My birthday present from Mum was a new monitor; Z asked for and received a game driving rig. It’s cool! It’s something he’s wanted for decades, but talked himself out of it every time ’cause it’s a bit on the pricey side. Which yanno, makes it a great thing to as Mum for, hee hee. Nothing much else going… Read more »

Shiny and New

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Mum bought me a new monitor for my Christmas present. My existing one had been with me… a decade? This one is shinier and faster and smoother, and a better complement to having a nice, current, mid-range graphics card. It’ll take a bit for my eyes to adjust to the change, and for me to get the colour and brightness… Read more »

It’s Charity

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We had a charity bag come in last week, and I decided that we would absolutely get a bag of something out. Charity bag, for those not in the UK, is when they put a bag through your door with a collection date, usually for clothing donations. They then pick it up on the aforementioned collection date, and bop, that’s… Read more »

So Handsome

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Batman, of course, did his normal Batman thing, and posed where he could… ’cause he’s a poser, har har. But I’m glad he likes the spot on the couch nearest me, and if he wants to stand broodingly under the pictures, then why not kid, why not. I sit down feeling pleased with myself; I did dinner tonight. I have… Read more »

Vastly Improved

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So uh, yeah. I think I’m about done with my reorganisation of my area. There’s still a few bits of wiggle room for storage, but for the most part, things are put away, they are tidy, and less inviting to being a growing pile. Pat on the back? You betcha! Of course, that means I need to think about what… Read more »

Making Our Mark

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For the first time in the mumbly-years Z and I have been together, we have actually framed and hung something on the wall. And while it doesn’t exactly scream sentimental to outsiders, there are sentimental bits in there for us. But also, it looks good, and pleases me to no end. Just got to make more fruit to go up… Read more »

Nearing Completion

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The chaos continues, but it’s getting there. I’m currently stuck in the slow business of untangling a bit of sock yarn I found hiding in the bottom of a bag of scraps. Once I get that processed, then I can process the second bag of scraps. I *think* that one holds less surprises… but I guess I’ll see when I… Read more »

Not Dying

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Back before the world went upside down, and I was still going out to knit with friends, we’d occasionally have someone show up with a huge stash from a recently deceased relative. I mean, I think most yarn users know that is likely how they’ll go out — with a valuable stash of stuff that has been building up for… Read more »

Temporary Chaos

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Now, this is chaos. But it’s the good sort of chaos — it’s the pulling out storage and sorting through it, and then reorganising it. I’ve got a handful of new boxes to stick under my back desk, and I figure… might as well tidy up/reorganise my yarn while I’m at it. The extra rainbow tower is going to go… Read more »