Yon Goodies

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I went over to a friend’s house today for a little visit, and to paw through her displays and crafting goodies. I, to my mortification, ended up keeping the fam there for like, an hour. We’d planned to go over, get things, pick up a few bits, and then home for lunch. Suffices to say, I had hungry spouse and… Read more »

Annoyingly Ouch

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I completely forgot to take my meds last night, so I woke up with a super-wrecked headache. I also, somehow, woke up feeling… not quite rested, but perky. I woke up really hard at weekday wake-up time, but I stayed in bed playing Happy Glass on my phone, and snuggling up to Z. I’ve pretty much done nothing besides acquiring… Read more »

Much Improved

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Today, of all things, I finally managed to rub spoons together to wash my hair. It’s been more than a week because I’ve been feeling poorly. It’s fine once it’s all said and done, but that requires getting to the said, and then the done. But yeah, knock on wood, I’ve made it so far today without having to take… Read more »

Unravelling a Story

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I’ve gotten stuck into the first pair of socks made with my holiday-purchased wool. It’s King Cole Zig Zag, but I forgot what colourway and can’t find where I put the ball band… found it! The colour was Wacky, and was discontinued. But at least I found a picture of how it’ll probably look once it knits up, and I’m… Read more »

Gettin’ Fancy

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I have swung back around to a┬áSims 3 legacy for the moment. I’m amused because I am working harder than usual to get the colours to be decor-y. I know that this picture doesn’t give much in the way of details, but yanno, s’fine. I know it isn’t a patch on bat’s efforts; I’m legit patting myself on the back… Read more »

The Circle

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I had my dear friend Keo as my chat companion most of this morning. We were talking knitting, and I was going off on random tangents about knitting in the round and how not scary it actually is. Of course, my pictures like this one, meant to be soothing, probably did more to vex than not, ha ha. But it’s… Read more »

Autumn Skies

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The skies today were gorgeously overcast… if only the temperature itself had been in the same arena. But never mind, the cool will return before I know it, and it was lovely to walk around and look at. Otherwise, I’ve just been chilling and knitting. The current project I’m working on I had on a circular, but I ended up… Read more »

Woo Hoo!

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I was checking my email earlier, and was confused by the line: Etsy Order confirmation for:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Yeah, it’s been a bit since I’ve had an order, ha ha. I’ve been trying to remember to be active on my relevant FB page to remind people I still exist, but that doesn’t seem to be doing much to drum up business. Still,… Read more »

Meh, Okay

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I got slammed by the dizzies this morning. Considering that my state of existence was commented on Thursday night, perhaps I’m coming down with a little something. I do know that when we were Skyping with my sister I was quieter than I normally am, but. Words. Not really forthcoming, heh. It was nice to catch up; like she said,… Read more »