Third Time?

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I have once again cast off on my effin’ pussyhat. I’m doubling up the alpaca on itself to give me a good thick rib, and I am going to either love it or burn it. xD Well, if one could get anything to burn today — it’s quite wet around here. I lucked out that it was dry during the… Read more »

What Was That Even

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Earlier today, I caught a glimpse of precipitation flying by. ‘Oh goodie, it’s starting to rain!’ I exclaimed, and opened my curtain wider. Except it wasn’t just rain, it was a mix of rain and hail and snow. Whut. It didn’t last more than a minute or two before it stopped, but it was like, really? Really?! Having said that,… Read more »

… and Everything in Its Place

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I finally (as of last week)  had purchased a replacement chain for the one that had broken. So now my spoons and my rings have a proper home; they’re looking good resting next to the knittin’ kitten. Having said that, it was attempt #2 at buying a chain, because the first one I bought was too short. Thankfully, I had… Read more »

A Lovely Sunny Day

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Well okay, back in Texas the high 50s wouldn’t be anything to write home about, but once this end of the planet tilts closer to the sun, its effects are significantly fiercer than mere numbers would explain. It was pleasant to be out in, and the girls spent a lot of time out there today. It was also the grand… Read more »

One of Those Busy Days

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Today, I got it into my head to try and do the 250+ steps an hour that Fitbit was suggesting. I suspect that I am going to regret it tomorrow, but it seemed worth it to see if it can help my crippled ass develop some endurance. I also used it as impetuous to get my butt in gear and… Read more »

Owning It

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Today, I had to make the hike to fetch Littlerbit on my own. It’s not much of a hike for someone not suffering from chronic fatigue; it’s a little over half a mile round trip. But this time, I threw my hands in the air and took a walking stick. I’m glad I did. It’s hard to quantify how much… Read more »

Placid Skies

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The ‘outside my window’ has been varying degrees of cloudy since the early afternoon. There was a time or two I thought that the heavens were going to open, but alas, the most that occurred was a few drops. As long as it doesn’t rain when I have to pick up Littler tomorrow — that’s about as far as my… Read more »

Another Beginning

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Being the one I’ve been nattering on for ages, of course — Littlerbit starting school. Z reports that she happily settled and blew him off when he dropped her off, and she ran to us happy when we arrived to pick her up. She was flagging on the walk back, but not gonna lie, my crippled ass was too. I… Read more »

That Knit Life

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I am curled up in my hoodie right now, and Smallhausen asked me why I was wearing my coat indoors. So I thought it would be funny to get her to take a picture of me in my hoodie knitting. She doesn’t really have the basics of taking photos mastered (or even apprenticed) yet, so I’m just happy there was… Read more »

Fencing For Fun and Profit

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Today’s picture was one of a series of warning signs on a fence at the interchange park. I guess that’s sort of like a strip mall? That doesn’t feel like the quite right analogous term, but anyways. I saw it as I always do when we’re slowly cruising looking for a parking spot, and it was the most vaguely interesting… Read more »