Stupid Horny Grass

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The pollen today is ridiculously brutal. I take a prescription antihistamine, and I have a nasal spray, and I still felt like I was getting a migraine. So I tossed *another* antihistamine in the pile with a pair of co-codamol and more caffeine, and I feel almost human. I commented to Z that if this was hitting me this hard,… Read more »

Cold Feet and Spreadsheets

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My feet have been mega cold this week. I know, it’s colder this week and that’s going to contribute, but brr baby, brr. Even with nice woolen socks, I need my slippers to keep the edge off. Today has mainly been Minecrafting, with Littler sitting behind me in audience. She really wants to play with me, and I keep turning… Read more »

Wub Wub Wub

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Z had sprinkled a bit of the ‘nip on the rug for the cats yesterday… which they ignored until today. Did it need ageing or airing out? Who knows, ha ha. Poison was having a lovely time of it this morning, and it took all my willpower to not divebomb her and bury my face in her fattytum. Batman is… Read more »

A Touch of Goth

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This past week, I’ve been doing my nails a few days in advance of when I actually want to post, and then redoing them on the same day. This whole having something in the can in advance is making me feel a bit chiller about trying to get back into a regular painting routine. It also helps that my older… Read more »

What the Even

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Z had gone outside to water the sunflowers earlier, so I wandered out afterwards so I could claim that I actually went outside once today. I sat on the stoop to chat, and noticed this specimen. Um… since when did Godzilla breed with a dandelion? I need to see if I can find out what it is, besides ‘really gigantic… Read more »


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If there is one thing that has made this lockdown period tenable for Smaller, it’s that she’s able to spend loads of time playing¬†Minecraft and watching related videos. She is easily my equal in general knowledge, and my superior in some of the fiddlier bits, like potion-making. While I will not out and out play a game with her yet… Read more »

Around and…

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This is my patient-with-cat face. He’s standing next to me whining again, because that’s what my clingy furboy does. He ran off for a second, and is now standing next to me staring. What do you want child, what do you want. *chuckles* I wouldn’t have it any other way though. He’s a good boy, and I know there’s gonna… Read more »


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Today has been an ultra-pleasant, lovely day. It’s a bit colder again, windy, bit of rain, bit of sun. But after the heat the last couple of days, it’s just been. Nice. *chuckles* Z and even managed to rub a few spoons together and get a bit of the clutter pushed back. He did it ’cause he wanted to test… Read more »


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So. I like pens. I am picky about pens. I am picky about pens to the degree that disposables of certain colours have to be certain makes from certain brands to be the right colour. This here, my delivery of vigintituplets? 20 pens in my Etsy store-related colour for less than ¬£4, delivered the next day… yaaassssss. Z is very… Read more »