The Menagerie

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I made a start today on reorganising my space. The big bads that needed the most reorganising have been pulled out and tidied, and that gave me room to get a footstool alongside my drawers to put things on top of. I will have to rethink the stuff under the curtain rail if/when I do another live event, but for… Read more »

Mister Blue Sky

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It was legit ‘no clouds in the sky’ blue on our drive to the hospital this afternoon. Well, except for one vapour trail that was rudely fading away¬† in front of me, but that hardly counts. It was a good appointment, all told. We ran through the things I needed to know, and the only potential problem is my lip… Read more »

What in Carnation

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Any time I need to leave the house to walk to the Post Office, I find myself taking eleventy million pictures of flowers. And yet, I still manage to make discoveries over the short trek. This carnation? I’d never noticed it before. It’s my birth flower, so you’d think I would have clocked it before. Really, why don’t I even… Read more »

Spotted in Town

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Z spotted this beauty when we were on the way home from work last night. I lucked out that it ended up turning in front of us so I could attempt to get a picture. It’s not the best picture because my phone was in the process of shutting down due to low battery, so. But at least you can… Read more »

In Sight

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So yes, today happened. Went into the office for the day with Z, which was pleasant enough. Made it down to Specsavers for our appointments, which went as we thought it would; I need new glasses, while Z doesn’t. I felt like it took a million years to find frames that I liked, since nothing was quite the right size/dimensions,… Read more »


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The blanket, it’s coming along. That’s pretty much it today, besides more D3-ing. I’m feeling a random spike of anxiety for no real good reason. Like, I’m going into the office tomorrow ’cause we have an appointment at the optometrist, but that shouldn’t be causing anxiety? Who knows with meatbags, ha ha. It’ll be nice to get out of the… Read more »


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There was sportsball today, as there is most weekends. Today’s sportsball featured the team our household supports, versus the team that Z’s dad supports. As is the usual case in these meetings, our team tidily won. It’s nice to have him around though, win or lose. Otherwise, just sort of bumming around doing the usual nothing. I’m enjoying ‘my’ Discord…. Read more »

Faded Glory

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On my walk back from the Post Office this morning, I noticed that the flag was looking especially faded and ragged. It makes me wonder if I should get Z to pass comment on to the parish council, ’cause maybe they want to get a better one. But eh, so it goes. I’ve had a drowsy day and haven’t been… Read more »

Staying In

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I am extra glad I needed to make a trip to the post office earlier, as it ended up being my only trip out of the house. I was supposed to be out knitting, but Z had to go cover a meeting for his dad. So while that sucks a bit, it’s not the end of the world. I’ve got… Read more »

Scrubbed Clean

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Realtalk — part of being disabled means that simple-sounding chores like eating and bathing are not that easy. So I can’t remember the last time I bathed before this afternoon, but it was probably more than a week ago. I would rub my face and skin would come off, which, oops. I know that’s also in part due to the… Read more »