Angel Grinding

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Well okay, actually Nephalem, but aaaanyways. But so much grinding. Firstly, I thought about it this morning, and offered to finish running Z’s character through story mode. He realised last night that he hadn’t completed story mode, so couldn’t do adventure mode stuff, so. I wanted to play, it gave me something to do for a few hours. Apparently, wasn’t… Read more »

Beauty Abound

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Today’s postbox run was a bit of a delight. I could smell both woodsmoke, and the bright smell of flowers on the slightly icy wind. I’m not a particularly pro-spring person, but the bits that could be autumnal make it alright. Past that, been a pretty generic sort of day. Doing some craft, doing some gaming, trying to take it… Read more »

Entropy Is

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I have to say, I’m happy that my desk space hasn’t completely fallen into entropy and disarray. I guess my last bout of tidying really did a lot of good in yeeting and organising or something. Really, both Z and myself have been a lot better in recent times at yeeting things. I guess we’re old enough to lose a… Read more »

Nearing New Territory

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I am almost, excitedly, nearing the end of the foot part. I am almost, terrifyingly, near to new-to-me construction territory. I’m trying to not look ahead so I don’t overthink it, but oh laws, it’s coming. Past that, not much going on today, as is my preferred way. I ran Z through some stuff in┬áDiablo 3. I took some product… Read more »

Very Aesthetic

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Today has been a pretty rocking day. I’ve had three Etsy orders out the door. I had a chance to go visit Mum briefly. I got, le gasp, actual feedback in my shop. And work was just a victory lap, leaving only a few bits to pick over… next week. I don’t currently plan to work tomorrow, ’cause I don’t… Read more »


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Smaller loves to make art. Their bookbag is always containing something new, usually gifted to me. Today was no exception. Today was special, however, because it was randomly a Pikachu. I’ve not asked her what inspired her to do one, but it’s pretty freaking good for someone her age. I’m glad that she is confident enough to make, though we… Read more »

Like Magic

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Well, so far so good on the toe up sockery. Of course, I’ve not looked ahead to see what other surprises there might be, but I picked a fairly straightforward pattern to do. I know doing heels and gussets and stuff was scary the first time going the other way, so I’m sure that it’ll be a bit daunting going… Read more »


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It took about three goes casting it on, but I managed to get the Turkish cast-on on, and built upon. It’s fairly easy to do once I tamp down the anxiety of learning something new and like… do the thing. The pattern I’m doing called for the figure eight cast-on, but like… close enough? And easier too, since the version… Read more »

Nearly There

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You know what? There’s a chance I am going to finish this sock today. It depends in part if I can tear myself away from running rifts a smidge more; I was reminded this morning that there’s only a week left on the season, so I need to buckle down and finish off all the tiers if possible. I’m most… Read more »

What a Poser

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Poison was sitting on the floor yeowling at me, so I decided to see if I could snap a photo of her as she pretended to be grooming herself. You know, how cats’ll stop and lick at themselves to demonstrate how they are ignoring you, but she forgot the supposed to be ignoring me bit. She actually stayed like that… Read more »