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Sock #1 is coming along alright. I dropped the end of row stitch marker at some point and had to estimate how many I’d done before I realised what had happened. But it’s fine, it’s fine. I can just go by measurement if the rows don’t quite go together. The main places I specifically need the number mapping are the… Read more »


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We got all three of the furkids through flea baths this morning/afternoon. None of them were keen on it, but Vivi was the only one who managed to claw me up. All of them were pretty chill about being towelled up and in my lap for a bit of combing and drying. Everyone has returned to normal levels of fluff… Read more »


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I’d commented to Z that I had been tempted to buy some ridiculously huge googly eyes for our a/c upstairs — like, seven inch. He said three would be fine, and then acquired enough for me to apply them to all four a/c units. The ones in Smaller’s room have already fallen off, but I said I’d try to get… Read more »


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I decided that I wanted to upgrade my lightbox to something bigger, and whelp. It’s bigger! *grins* I’m not quite ready to start taking pictures of things, but I’m looking forward to it when I find the spoons to do that. Not much today really. Turned off my alarm and slept in. I’ll put my weekday alarm for 9am, but… Read more »

Closer and

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Poison still growls and asserts dominance over the boys, and they respond appropriately in kind. But they also try their luck a bit more, which makes Poison hit this adorable note between trying to growl at them, and meow at us about the indignity. Still, she’s developing tolerance, slowly; it helps that the boys continue to try and engage. Maybe… Read more »

Sweet Jealousy

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Both of the boys realised that the slope and shape of Z’s torso when he’s sitting on the couch is awesome for snuggles. I’m pleased for Z, but also super jealous — where’s my love? *laughs* But naw, I do love it, and I am permitted by cat in situ to add to the pet quotient. Plus, I make the… Read more »

Back Around

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I’ve cast off on a new pair of socks; it feels like forever since I’ve done a sock. So that’s nice; what would be nicer would be Vivi not stealing my yarn, so I don’t have to hide it every night. Which I’m rubbish at, so often wake up to find that Smalls or Z have unwound it from my… Read more »

That’ll Do

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As a side effect of feeling a bit more human, I decided I was gonna buckle down and get my area tidied up. I’m pleased, and only the faintest whiffs of dizziness around the edge. Last thing that I need to do is run the vacuum around, but yeah. Party! I’ve also picked the next knitting-ma-bob — socks, big surprise…. Read more »

Just Once

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For the first time in two and a half years, I conceded to having a meal out. It was nice, though I can’t see myself doing it again for a couple more years as the whole Covid thing stands. I’m probably cursed to get it again, ’cause I touched the neighbour’s other kid today, ha ha. But otherwise, it’s the… Read more »