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So I was making the effort to take stock of my socks, and my arm socks. Arm socks are the ones where the feet have been cut off after holes showed up, because hey, stripy arms! Cool! Etc. I um… probably should cull this stack even further. I binned ones that were really short, and threw a handful at Smalls… Read more »

Butt Central

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This is a picture Z took the other night; the girls did some more domino art today, but this was a fantastically huge butt orchestrated by Smaller. But yes, back over there today to welcome Grandad home from hospital. Mum is… coping. Not. Z and I both spent most of our time there reassuring her that she needs to prioritise… Read more »

The Goods

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So, a little niggling thing that’s driven me to distraction with my Etsy stuff is that I had drawn a total blank on what sort of freebie to include for not stitch markers. With the moving into doing all the things in dice, I’d taken a friend’s suggestion and bought a mixed lot of factory offcasts to play with. I’ve… Read more »

Eh *Gestures*

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Today has been peak do nothing. It took me most of the day to do 20 minutes worth of sewing, which, fine. It’s not like I needed it done asap, and I’m playing video games as well. I, ideally, will convince myself to do some product photography, but I haven’t talked myself around to it yet. I’m tempted for the… Read more »

Heart Surgery

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When we were over at Mum’s house yesterday, I spent the not-eating time crocheting lots of hearts. I’ve had lots of sales lately, so they need replenishment anyways. So I am currently doing the requisite ‘surgery’ on it, after a day of doing other things (like drilling plenty of dice). Past that… eh! Gaming, zoning out, is all good. <3


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All day today, it’s been so humid that the only way to describe the outside is ‘wet’. Like, it’s not foggy or misty, but it’s all so full of water that it tickled the face and kept the ground soaked. At least it wasn’t too hot or too cold, so like… eh. Mainly though, it’s Friday! The school ‘year’ is… Read more »


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Y’all, I legit had the house wholly to myself for a few hours. Z had gone into the office to do some scanning with one of our co-workers, and while I had (briefly) entertained the thought of tagging along and saying hi… alooooone.  I had to run an order to the postbox, but otherwise… weird music, zoning out, bliss. It’s… Read more »

A Christmas Film

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One of the decorations on our tree comes directly from a Christmas film. It was made by Z, and he’s well proud of it. Spotted it? It’s a Christmas movie, deal. *laughs* Nothing much to report today. Work happened at a decent enough rate. I’ve still got a stupid headcold. I realised that my doziness yesterday was because I took… Read more »

Better Homes and Butts

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I figured I should probably share a better picture of our starbutt, so yanno. Butty! Lit! Party! Z’s mom was around briefly for a coffee, and she was suitably amused by our very us decoration (and only minorly surprised I was not the architect of the idea or construction). Not much to report on today. I’ve been dealing with the… Read more »

Merry Buttmas

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Between the minds of Z and Smalls, stuff happened, and now we have a butt in place of a star at the top of our Christmas tree. Ngl, I love it too. It’s very us. Z’s dad remains in hospital, which… well. We’re gonna take the days as they come, and he was with it enough to call and touch… Read more »