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It’s the cats’ birthday today! So for your pleasure, I give you a photograph of Poison gettin’ high. Our vociferous girl gets even chattier on the ‘nip, and anyways. We loves her and her brother, and hope that we have many more good years with them both. At newly 13, I’m aware that they are senior cats and have been… Read more »

The Sky and I

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The last 24 hours have seen quite a bit of heavy rain; the flower I posted yesterday has suffered quite the battering. It was even raining so hard at one point last night that it woke me up — that has never happened before in my life. It’s sunny right now, but the forecast says there might well be more rain… Read more »


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Amongst the gazillion flower photos I took yesterday and then picked a rugby ball over was this contrary little one. I think it’s a carnation? I’m not 100% sure, but it was there all on its own, being bold as you please. And well, I was pleased, so. *jazz hands* Today has been mainly pleasing. Work sucked and I barely… Read more »

Okay, Why Not

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I had an Etsy order to run down to the postbox, and amongst all the flowers I was taking pictures of, I found a random rugby ball centrally placed on a hedge. Okay, why not. I presume someone had found it dropped on the pavement and moved it to where it was more visible, much like people around the village… Read more »

Really Cat, Really

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I woke up this morning and came downstairs, as you do. I put my arm down on my desk, and immediately whipped it back up. Hrm, mysterious scratches, where did they come from? And then I found another lower on my arm by the same method of putting weight on it. Sigh? Sigh. I mean, I *could* have scratched it… Read more »


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In the finest of British traditions, our main holiday destination is the Isle of Wight. It’s where Z and his parents went, and where his brother and brother’s wife still go (but not the same village as us, oh no ¬¬). When we went last time, we spent a few days at the UK’s oldest theme park, Blackgang Chine. They… Read more »

Clear As…

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The cabochons I ordered to do jewellery science showed up today. Now I just have to wait for the pendants themselves, which… Monday? Tuesday? I look forward to being able to do science, even if I’m going to have to do it upstairs so Z can breathe. Past that, fog head from pollen head, not doing much, that sort of… Read more »

Going Somewhere

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I have gotten past the gusset here on sock one, and now I feel like I am going somewhere with it. I don’t know if I will be able to finish this first sock this weekend, but I’m feeling mildly optimistic that it’s plausible, if I don’t get Distracted by Things™®. Distracted is the word for how the day was,… Read more »


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I took this picture of myself a few minutes ago, and noted with delight that it looks like I’ve got a fairly wide slash of silver about halfway back from my forehead. While the amount of silver in my hair is legit increasing on the daily, I don’t have anything that defined yet. Nonetheless, it delights me, and for that… Read more »

Scooting Along

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La, c’est un sock. However one says sock in French… c’est une chaussette, according to Google Translate. My French was swallowed whole and spat up piecemeal after my time learning Russian, so while I can still string together really basic sentences, my vocabulary desperately needs rebuilding. Ditto for Russian after years of little use, but *anyways*. I’m tired today. I accidentally… Read more »