Growth Medium

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I’d not posted a picture of the blankets in a hot minute, so here ya go. The alternating between them mini-skein to mini-skein seems to be working pretty well. I’m also bribing myself on the knit side with Seanan McGuire stories. I finally sucked it up and paid the exorbitant (not) dollar fee to access her Patreon short stories, and… Read more »


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Z and I remembered that the eggs were supposed to be in for the decorating contest at the school today… whups. Thankfully, the school newsletter came in and said that they were going to take entries tomorrow as well, so the girls sat down and got their decoration on. We have one of those bumper packs of various coloured Sharpies,… Read more »


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I had a hankering to tinker with this picture in Photoshop, but didn’t like how anything was coming out. And by that, I don’t mean smoothing out lines and hiding chub — I meant rocking it artsy-style. I could’ve tinkered with the lighting to try and get my hair to show up, but never mind. Here is me in all… Read more »

Sockety Bliss

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The first thing my brain processed this morning was the doorbell going. Z went down and I didn’t think of anything further until my alarm started yelling at me. It turns out the doorbell was my wool order, aww yiss. I didn’t expect it to show up quite this quickly, but hey. It’s here, it’s pretty, and I can pets… Read more »


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I have a problem, a problem I share with all other yarncrafters — I’m addicted to yarn. I’m also a fan of amazing deals. So I was lamenting my temptation and suffering to Z, who suggested I go ahead and buy some with his blessing. He had a figure in mind, and I was in agreement that it was a… Read more »

Moar Nature

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I was trying to get a decent picture of my nails, as I’d painted them today. All attempts hilariously failed, so you get a picture of someone’s tree that I took yesterday.  Enjoy. But yes, nails! I was planning on doing them tomorrow. My master plan was a bath today, then fresh nails tomorrow. Instead, I had a day off… Read more »

For You, Mommy!

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Littler attended a birthday party this morningnoon, which meant coming home with the obligatory party bag and random tat. This was one of her goodies, which she gave to me. She ended up wanting it back a few minutes later, but I still appreciated the loan. She is a very generous small person, and I’m proud of her for it…. Read more »


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Smalls is super-adverse to us… me… cursing. I slip sometimes in her presence and get told off for it, but I do try hard to respect her and not let f-bombs fly around her. Apparently, she decided this applies to online as well? She was standing by  me and looked at my Facebook profile, where I’d use the f-bomb in… Read more »