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I finished off that first scarf this morning, and tied it into a neat little bundle. I’m hoping it might encourage the ends to uncurl… probably not, but it’s worth a shot. I pulled some chunky out of my stash and started another one — this one with the appropriate slipped edges. It’s not far enough along for me to… Read more »

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I don’t know if I am going to finish it tonight, but the scarf is nearly done. I checked it against my personal wingspan, and it’s bigger, so that’ll work for most people who don’t want scarves twice as long as themselves. Beyond that, nothing really to report. Need to go upstairs and process laundry with the girls before tucking… Read more »


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I switched from playing Project Hospital to Two Point Hospital, because some DLC I didn’t had was on sale. So of course, me being me, I start again from the beginning for the… fifth? Sixth? Time. At least I reachieved one of the hardest things, being getting all the awards in one year. I don’t see the ‘No Deaths’ one that often,… Read more »


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I got the second hat finished today, but I had to make a purchase last night to expedite my process. I somehow didn’t have DPNs in the size I needed, so thankees, Amazon next day. I know it’s a bit selling my soul to the company store… but next day. On an item that I’m pretty sure I cannot pick… Read more »

A Wee Trick

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As a rule, I try to keep my projects on the go to a minimum. But being the second hat in a row I was doing (even if knit instead of crochet), I was getting a smidge bored. So starting a scarf that isn’t terribly wide, and is delightfully chunky… it’s kind of shoving me along. When I get to the… Read more »

Just Add Bodies

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Smalls had a scheduled playdate, and then invited another friend around. So we’ve just had a few hours of elephants up and down the stairs, and general mirth-making. It was nice in a way. While I wouldn’t want to take on that level of noise on the daily, it makes me happy to see Smalls spread her wings and play… Read more »

One and One

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I finished my crochet effort earlier, and then promptly decided that I was switching back to knitting. I don’t know how much progress I’ll actually make on it tonight, but that’s fine. At least I’ve got it started and joined up. And I’ve eaten well at dinner (fajitas!), so I went from feeling like a shaky wreck to not over the… Read more »

Charity Time

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First off, knitting was grand last night. Good company, good conversation, and good event planning. While we’re not a group that is 100% charity, we all like to contribute where we can. So we’ve already got a request for poppies, and some of us are making some hats and scarves to donate to one of the homeless shelters. I originally… Read more »