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I have stuck true to my remit today, and done nothing of import. Having said that, I *will* have to fold some laundry, but that should be fine. After all, that’s a little bit of work compared to quality gaming and knitting. But yes, knitting! I haven’t done a lot of it this past couple of weeks. I’ve been focused… Read more »

It Happened Eventually

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We woke up to find that a bit of snow had accumulated overnight, and that it was still falling. It didn’t last  very long in the scheme of things, and has mainly gone away since the morning, but it was nice to see it for the bit that we could. There might be a smidge again overnight, but if it… Read more »

Texas Snow

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Back when I was a kid in Texas, *ANYTHING* vaguely white on the ground counted as snow. While I wouldn’t say the same now, it still made me smile when I poked my head out this morning. It’s thawed for the moment, but we’re supposed to get more freezing shortly, so. Suffices to say, I’m not gonna walk in the… Read more »

Batten Down

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According to the news and forecasters, Winter is Coming. Probably. I’m watching little flakes creep nearer on the UK Snow Map (yes, this continues to be a thing), but as we’ve already had some rain, I doubt anything that *did* fall would stick. We’ll see. We’re under yellow warning for the next couple of days, so who knows what will happen. Anyways,… Read more »


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Today has been… a day. Z stayed home from work to give him that little bit more space to heal up, so we got caught up on Star Trek Discovery. I’ve managed to get another two listings photographed and put up, so yanno… yay for that. I am almost through everything that isn’t part of the Not-warts collection so far, so… Read more »

Somehow Upright

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Today has been a pleasant day, in spite of being concerned that the cold was going to completely knock me out. I’m sure it’s going to catch up with me in a day or two, especially with having been out all day yesterday, but anyways. Taking it a day at a time. In the meantime, I’ve mainly zoned out and… Read more »


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I have definitely joined in having a cold… rapture. Z was bad enough that he stayed home from work, which… for him to do that, that means he’s about dead. Hopefully he’ll feel better in the morning, since otherwise I’ll need to call a taxi to get into town. That is, if I’m not dead to the world; it feels… Read more »

War Zone

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So, all the beads I needed for my special project were in today… or so I thought. One set had holes too tiny to thread (and attempts to embiggen them broke the bead), while another set was a full millimetre bigger than what I ordered (and therefore not usable for said project). I’ve got some stuff on order, but I… Read more »