Order from Chaos

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Our house is an un-Kondo’d mess of things. Some rooms are worse than others, such as the study. It was originally the kitchen before the previous owner had an extension put in, ’cause it was very obviously claustrophobically small to be a kitchen. Z has been rolling it around in his head, and he thinks that we might have a… Read more »

And On and On

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Knitting continues apace, as one might expect on a weekend. Not like, super tonnes or anything, but yanno, some. At least Smalls hasn’t really clued to the pair yet… maybe I’ll get away with finishing them before she notices. Probably have a better chance of it now that we’re almost back to schooltime. Really, the main did-do that mattered today… Read more »


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I really like my new phone. I really like the camera on my new phone. Is good! The colours are brighter, the images are sharper… all to be expected, considering that it’s way camera’d up as compared to my old phone. Considering Oldphone was a new midranger in 2017, nooot a surprise that things have come on. Still. Today has… Read more »

More Chaos

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I was at a loss for what to photograph for today’s post, so you get more label maker chaos. Yes, I am that possessive of my stationery, ha ha. ‘Kenya!’ is on the back of a tape measure, and a gold star to anyone who gets the reference that isn’t Z. All in all, it’s been a generic day. We… Read more »


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Z knows that I love little tins and always mean to put them to some sort of good use. So he bought me a really nifty Harry Potter one for Christmas that came with cards. I have now removed the cards, and am using it to store things I need to photograph for my store. I’ll get there… eventually. *laughs*… Read more »


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Okay so, picked this wool out specifically for Smalls, knowing it was her thing. Man, I have envy of them and I’ve barely done like, a centimeter and a half. Gimmeeeee, ha ha. Naw like, she’ll get them. They are for her. I’m glad I can give her something that she will like. Today is a bank holiday Monday, so… Read more »

Aw Yiss

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Z picked up some lovely steaks for dinner. He does it r-r-right, to include the onions and mushrooms. The girls might not care for the latter, but we’re all about it. And it was the perfect quantity, leaving me feeling full without feeling overfull. Bliss. I realised at some point in the past 36 hours that I am running a… Read more »

Getting There

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Sock progress is going well. There’s a good chance that I *will* finish it over this long weekend. Maybe! I get distracted by shiny objects, but that’s the norm. I’ve got ALL THE GAMES up, and I’m burning through the jump rings I bought last week. I’ve also got some danglies I want to turn into earrings, and I keep… Read more »


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I have to say, I love the camera on my new phone. The pictures are crisper and cleaner, and make the most of ambient light. I took this earlier on a postbox run, with the sky overcast and spitting. I caught it when it wasn’t rain-raining, so that was nice. We even had -a- rumble of thunder, so like… it’s… Read more »

Chaotic Good

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I never really got into the world of D&D; the first game I got dragged into, I hid behind a counter until I got the rest of the people to agree that I didn’t have to speak as a mute character. They threw waves of elves at me that I kept killing, got bored, and resumed video games instead. I’ve… Read more »