Jelly Babies, Anyone?

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Okay so like, realtalk. I don’t take knitting commissions. I did one, and I decided to let the purchaser decide to top up above a very very very nominal fee, and got like, pretty much nothing. So when a friend messaged me the other day asking if I’d consider this… well, it was one of the very few people on… Read more »


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I was rather bemused when I spotted this daffodil on my walk earlier. It looked almost as if it had been pressed in a book, rather than trampled by passersby. I mean, maybe it had? I didn’t spot any other daffodils in close proximity, though they *are* a bit all over this time of year. Who knows. Been an alright… Read more »

Lil Friends

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Spring is sneakin’ up in the grass with these little beauties. I haven’t seen them in the grass around my house before, so yanno, woo? Woo. Also woo — four day weekend! I’ve got stuff to make, things to yarn, games to play. Smaller really wants to play some Diablo 3 with me. I am going to suggest to her that… Read more »

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

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Is there such a thing as the perfect messy bun on accident, or is it secretly always carefully coifed? This one was on accident and looked like an exemplary example, so ymmv. Whatever the case, it’s been really warm today, so having it up and up was important. It’s supposed to start cooling back down tomorrow, so like… it wasn’t… Read more »

Time for Evil

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And finally, it’s Evil Genius day! Z and I are both cheerfully working through the tutorial, which is comprehensive and lots of fun. Even having played the original game a million times, having this to guide me in is appreciated. Less appreciated is my attention flitting off for a second, costing me my Hardcore character in Diablo 3. I’d gotten her… Read more »

Angel Grinding

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Well okay, actually Nephalem, but aaaanyways. But so much grinding. Firstly, I thought about it this morning, and offered to finish running Z’s character through story mode. He realised last night that he hadn’t completed story mode, so couldn’t do adventure mode stuff, so. I wanted to play, it gave me something to do for a few hours. Apparently, wasn’t… Read more »

Beauty Abound

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Today’s postbox run was a bit of a delight. I could smell both woodsmoke, and the bright smell of flowers on the slightly icy wind. I’m not a particularly pro-spring person, but the bits that could be autumnal make it alright. Past that, been a pretty generic sort of day. Doing some craft, doing some gaming, trying to take it… Read more »

Entropy Is

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I have to say, I’m happy that my desk space hasn’t completely fallen into entropy and disarray. I guess my last bout of tidying really did a lot of good in yeeting and organising or something. Really, both Z and myself have been a lot better in recent times at yeeting things. I guess we’re old enough to lose a… Read more »

Nearing New Territory

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I am almost, excitedly, nearing the end of the foot part. I am almost, terrifyingly, near to new-to-me construction territory. I’m trying to not look ahead so I don’t overthink it, but oh laws, it’s coming. Past that, not much going on today, as is my preferred way. I ran Z through some stuff in Diablo 3. I took some product… Read more »

Very Aesthetic

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Today has been a pretty rocking day. I’ve had three Etsy orders out the door. I had a chance to go visit Mum briefly. I got, le gasp, actual feedback in my shop. And work was just a victory lap, leaving only a few bits to pick over… next week. I don’t currently plan to work tomorrow, ’cause I don’t… Read more »