Purr Joy

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One of the things I knew Miss Poison would miss about the old couch was being able to hide her head. I don’t know why she finds that especially comfortable, but as you can see, it seems to put a smile on her face (though she’s usually tucked further under the pillow). I’m just happy that we accidentally recreated that… Read more »


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I spotted this van outside of the surgery, and about died laughing. The acronym stands for ‘All About Health’, but seeing something shouting AAH at me outside a doctor’s office is just. Well, see subject line. Ded. xD And why, you might ask, was I out to see this? It was Littler’s nativity production. It was blessedly short, for both… Read more »

Slowly Slowly

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I spent today pretty much blobbing out to the eXtreme. I always get hopeful that I won’t be super wiped from doing a weekend event, but obviously, wrong on that count again. *chuckles* I mean, the thing I spent most of the day doing was trying to figure out where my cable needle ended up; after several hours and one… Read more »

Requisite Sock Monster

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Is I, Socky, rawr rawr rawr! Which is to say, I’ve turned the heel and started down the foot of the sock. It’s going faster than I thought it would, but that’s probably because I’m not doing poppies at the same time, and because having something to do (ie, the travelling cables) makes it feel like it’s going faster. Having… Read more »

Did the Thing Again

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And, alas, it was not terribly successful. That was pretty universal across everyone who was there, for which the organiser apologised. We were supposed to be last weekend, but apparently, got bumped after the date was already published in various locales. I’m still probably going to do the one at the end of January, but we’ll see when that time… Read more »

Goodbye to an Old Friend

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And no, not the cat — Poison continues to exist, in spite of our severe betrayal in getting rid of the old couch. The new one is in now, and she’s trying to ignore its existence (which is pretty impressive, because it’s obscenely long). I’m sure that she’ll go check it out on her own terms,b ut she’s not ready… Read more »

The Good Kind of Crossed

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Being crossed cables, for the first time by my hand. I cannot claim that it’s the tidiest job, but it still looks pretty cool, and I’m happy to be learning a new-to-me skill variant. I’m on the last row of the pattern section, and then I have to do it another 3 or 4 times. We’ll see how much wool… Read more »