Open for Business

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Smaller decided to put a random window in the side of a box the kittens were playing in. This is one of the most adorable, hilarious results. Z and I ended up snapping tonnes of photos, because what is the point of being online if we don’t contribute to the flood of cat photos. Nothing of any note going on… Read more »


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Lookit this lovely boy. He’s so dignified. That little black nose of his really ties his look together, yanno? Of course, he can totally be a goober as well, but it’s harder to catch that compared to Vivi’s constant gooberness. Today has been okay. I’ve been doing some blood sugar science with interesting results.  Nothing bad — if anything, suggesting… Read more »

Grind Grind Grind

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Past the turn, and on to the grind. How long before I get bored of going up? Hopefully quite a few more inches. We’ll see! Nothing super much going on today. I’ve got my photobox up and am trying to convince myself to get stuck in, but pre-shooting logistics eat my head, like trying to scale up what I was… Read more »

*shakes fist at sky*

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Z needed to go outside and trim back our blackberry bramble, and asked if I’d come out and keep him company. Well, sure, I guess. And then I remembered that natural light exists out there, and *hisses softly*. But that’s fine, ha ha. It’s some good Vitamin D or sommat. Mainly feeling okay today. Bit of dizzy, light enough of… Read more »

Dear Diary

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So uh, I guess I’m keeping a food diary of sorts. *laughs* It’s going okay so far. I’m only putting in the barest of notes, and mainly, just to frame taking a couple of blood tests a day. I’m hoping that it will serve me in good stead for medication when I see the diabetes nurse in a few weeks;… Read more »


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It feels nice to go back to the most basic AF sock-making after ages. I might pick something more challenging for my next pair, when I get there, but we’ll see. I have been fending off the worst headache all day; Z reckons it’s due to the sudden reduction of sugar going into me. He’s probably right, and in the… Read more »

The ‘Beetus

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Finally had my phone appointment with my doctor this morning; he declares me to be diabetic. So it goes. I’m in next month to talk to the diabetic nurse about treatment, ,and choosing to assume that the diabetes is a potential factor in the severity of the vertigo BS lately. Z ent to the shop for me, picked up some… Read more »

Nope. Just Nope.

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So uh, got slapped with a murder wave of vertigo earlier. Staring in the far distance did nothing to try and centre my brain. My bucket was my dearest of friends. I was vibrating… and I think that it all adds up to ‘should’ve called 999/gone to A&E’. I told Z that, so we’ll think about what we want to… Read more »