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I have eaten what should have been an impossible amount of rice today. We had Chinese from down the road last night, and because it was my birthday meal (albeit not on my birthday), I cheerfully ordered a ridiculous amount to nom on. I know that if I’m reheating Chinese food, I can eat significantly more than I can fresh…. Read more »

At Speed

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New year, new getting socks progressed at a reasonable rate. I finished the gusset earlier, and am now making headway on the body of the foot. It feels good to like… see stuff growing. Last year there wasn’t enough of it through the latter months of this past year. Not a lot going on past that today. Some degree of… Read more »

3 Today

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It’s mah birthday! I’m older! I’m three… huh? *laughs* You see, we order most of our cards from Funky Pigeon, ’cause the selection is freshened up enough, you can customise the cards, the prices are good, etc. This is the card that Smaller picked for me, because she has a whole personal Darth thing (to include a Darth [[smaller’s name]]… Read more »

The Family Butt

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Smaller had made me a butt-decorated picture frame a few weeks ago, and kept asking me what I was going to put in it. And I couldn’t think of anything, so earlier she had inspiration to draw a family of butts in it. I’ve got quite a gallery of her work up around my area, so heck yeah, this went… Read more »

World in Motion

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While at Mum’s house the other day, I figured I’d get a picture of Smaller being herself, ’cause yanno, cute and stuff. Instead, I got this colourful blur against a more sedate background, which well… that’s Smaller too. We had to chide her to be careful and explain the history of the glass door she was flying towards… maybe it’ll… Read more »

Sweet Bb

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Now, Batman is more than a little bit skittish about being picked up. I don’t help the situation because I love to pick him up for a cuddle which… bad me, I know. Still, sometimes he lets me snatch him up for a minute or two, and when he’s well down with it, he’ll bury his head in the crook… Read more »

Old Friends

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I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but Z picked up the newest Animal Crossing game recently. Everyone else has had a go, but I’ve not yet. Instead, I busted out my 3DS and played a wee bit of New Leaf. I should probably nab the Switch and get into the new one and get friended up with all the people who… Read more »

Along Along

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I have got to say — this sock pattern is a nice mental cleanser after the pair I made for Littler. It’s not like it was super tricky or anything, but this is a simple knit 3 purl one rib, and it requires less thought, and less thought is ideal right now. Simplicity aside, we indeed have the children at… Read more »

Olympus Has Fallen

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The girls are, as of this moment, are due to be back in school tomorrow. Whether or not that is actually going to be the case, we’ll probably not find out until we’re playing Boris Bingo at 8pm (or whatever). So that meant conquering the piles of clean laundry baskets that were perched in random locations around the house. Z… Read more »

Sort It Out

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We have grandparent-y company for dinner tonight, so Nanny is helping Smaller sort through all her old clothing. I’ll give Smaller credit — she is a lot better than I am at saying ‘nah, we can get rid of that’. Nanny is also a lot more ruthless and unsentimental than I am; I keep looking away so I don’t see… Read more »