Not a Goblin

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Batman is… not really a lapcat. Sometimes he’ll want to cuddle for a few minutes before running off, and we had one of those rare spells earlier. So I took pictures, to which he made this gloriously offended face. He was actually enjoying himself, but yanno… face. *pats face in mind* There’s not much going on for the mo. I… Read more »


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Yup, it’s the box and stitch markers again. But this time, the little bit of yellow that was still showing yesterday has been tended to. Now I just have to make sure to not get mucky fingers all over my paperwork, ha ha. I’m happy with it as a useful prop though. What else… what else. Work was aight. Post-work… Read more »


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I find myself doing more bead-drilling science this evening. Chatting with Nufrond on Thursday, the subject of hand drilling things came up, and she reminded me that heeey, sometimes you have to start with a smaller drill and then move up to a bigger one to keep a thing from shattering. So I’m seeing if I can get some decent… Read more »


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It was very pleasing last night to see how many lovely things my group had made to donate. It certainly encourages me to keep on with my efforts. I’m a bit stymied by a raging headache that meds don’t want to touch, but. It’s not like a headache can stop me knitting. I think. Tomorrow we have excellent company. I… Read more »

*claps hands*

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As much as I love making stitch markers, I especially like it when I have ideas that use up materials. In this case, making use of my little hand drill have given me ideas of beads I can drill a larger bore for, and thereby expand my range of larger markers. The ones on the upper tray are for 10mm… Read more »

Old Jack

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I had a parcel to run down to the Post Office earlier, so I crossed the street to take pictures of the flag when I noticed it had become ensnared with the neighbouring tree. It’s not just caught — the end that is attached to the tree is holey, and that is probably making it snarl worse. I’ve commented to… Read more »


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Z took today off because he was helping at school this morning. So we thought about it, and decided we’d do a spot of child-free shopping, nab a bit of lunch, that sort of thing. He had a voucher for PC World, and I wanted to nab some bits from Hobbycraft, so that works out, as they’re in the same… Read more »