The Shining

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I’ve been around to my in-laws’ house twice in the past two days. Z was running an errand with his father, and I was keeping Mum company. FiL is slowing down and she worries by default, so it was extra extra worry. I made sure Z tought it would be useful for me to be there, ’cause I know what… Read more »

Huh, Okay Then

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I spotted this sticky on the floor. It is in my handwriting. I do nooot remember the context whatsoever, or how long ago I wrote the note. Batman was sitting next to it and that would’ve made a great blog photo… but he’s a dick and wandered up the second I picked up my phone. Oh well. *chuckles* This week… Read more »


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It’s a day! Hooray! Another day gone, hooray! Or something. We managed to avoid the a/c again, not out of any sense of suffering and scrpining, just… was alright as long as we stayed indoors. I guess that’s to be expected now that we’re in fake autumn (‘real’ autumn in a few days, woot xD). Work happened, and otherwise… *yawn*… Read more »

A Bouquet

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Smaller gifted me with a triple handful of leaves she’d picked up. What else could I do but wrap the stems in a bit of string, and put them in a ‘vase’ to admire? They’re still very alive leaves, though starting to change colour a wee bit… might as well admire them for a few days before moving them on… Read more »


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One of the myriad sell your stuff sites here in the UK is Music Magpie. Z had made an account a few years ago with the intent of shifting some of our DVDs, ’cause we don’t really need/want physical media anymore. They take up space that we could be using otherwise, and while we could probably get better money trying… Read more »

It Begins

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And so, our purchasing cycle begins. Z ordered the new desks for the study, which arrived flatpacked this afternoon. The study isn’t cleared out and ready for them, but it’s the sort of impetuous which will hopefully get the girls to join him in clearing stuff out so they can go in place. Hopefully we can find someone interested in… Read more »

My Superpower

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If there is one thing that I am oddly good at, it’s knitting when chatting. Like, it’s the perfect combination for eking functionality out of my ADHD brain, and I got to put it to use for longer than I expected today. We’d gone over to Z’s parents’ house to discuss what I wanted out of a laptop, as well… Read more »

Mom, Stop!

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Batman was hovering at my feet and shouting, and I knew he didn’t actually need anything, so I scooped him up to annoy him. I went for dancing him about, so Z snapped a couple of photos. I thought this was the best of that lot. And, in Batman’s favour? Even if he was noooot down with this, he didn’t… Read more »

Sky High

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Today has been that sort of thing that is juuust on the edge of too warm. Like, I went out in it to run a parcel to the postbox, and that was nice enough. Then I got back inside and it felt really stifling (when it didn’t before I left the house). But eh. I’m beshorteded ’cause I’m not going… Read more »

Happy Disaster

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Z and I kicked off our first kid-free, back-to-school day by shuffling things around the house. I was tidying away some things on my desk, like rogue knitting needles, while he was attacking the study. The study is a big deal that needs all the fixing, and his fixing includes trying to work out how to get three desks in… Read more »