Sweet Lumps

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We don’t normally get to see both Vivi and Raven lumping around on the platform, so I had to get a picture. They might not twin as hard as October and Halokitty, but they do make a lovely matched set.

Not a lot going on in the last couple. Just been poking at various video games, working on yet another pair of socks — in short, spending time how I like it. The only thing slightly novel is that Litter has wanted to play Pokémon with me, since she was playing Shield and I have Sword. So we’ve been doing dens together, and to a degree, me doing both of us in a den if it’s especially tasty. She implied that I could go around and play for her and it’s like… child, no. *laughs* Not full on. If I wanted to have both Switches going at the same time, I’d be playing as me on both. I still need to harvest my save on Shield for Pokémon so I can get my Shiny Charm for the generation.

So yeah, hi. I’m alive. 🙂


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