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Feelings. Bleh.

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I’ve been a bit anxiety-spiky the last day or two — so rude. I’m also missing my best boy a lot right now. I know grief isn’t linear, and we literally just buried him last week, but still. Sometimes being a real girl and having real feelings gets old sometimes. That’s about it, really. Just feeling tired and generally existing…. Read more »

French Kitties

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Poison was sprawled out cutely, and I’d not taken any pictures of her in a hot minute, so I got on that. Z commented that she was posing in a ‘photograph me like one of your French kitties’ way, which, yes. Will do. She’s currently in Z’s arms complaining at the indignity of everything… while purring her little head off…. Read more »


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I noticed the tree at the front of Mum’s garden was in bloom, so I just had to take a few pictures.. Turns out it’s a flowering cherry tree — no fruit. Shame. I would love to have some cherries tress to gorge myself upon. But I also know that the birds around here are ruthless in stealing all the… Read more »


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Batman’s stone came in today! I am super pleased with it. It came out pretty much as good as I could have hoped, and I made sure to write a nice review. I had hoped to get it planted today, but the wind is icy and fierce, so tomorrow is better probably. Everyone in the house has had a chance… Read more »


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As much as I’m still jamming on the cross-stitching, it’s really nice to get my fingers back into some knitting. I finally dragged myself to the gusset section, so yanno, something slightly more interesting to lead me back to finishing this poor sock. Past that, yanno, just World War 3 brewing. Hopefully not, but I guess we’ll just have to… Read more »

RIP, Take Two

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Z had just started off dinner, when all the lights in the house went off. Just the lights — all the sockets were still powered. He flipped switches, and after a few minutes everything was back up… until it wasn’t, again. tl;dr, the oven has breathed its last. Thankfully, our curry was done, so we shared some of that out… Read more »

Doing Okay

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I’m holding up okay today. I got my latest batch of cross-stitches photographed and listed. I got a set of stitch markers made that I meant to make up ages ago. I’m grateful codeine is over the counter here, because my back decided to do its screaming pinched nerve thing, and les drugs kick it on its butt rapidly and… Read more »

Give Us a Smile, Love

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Well, compliments of our friend Eunice blowing in, we finally have seen the first couple of bricks go over on our wall. It’s been a long time coming, even longer than we have lived here. I don’t know if any more has blown over since this was taken a few hours ago, but I *think* that the wind has slowed… Read more »