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Consolation Prizes

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Z took the girls on a little outing this afternoon, and they brought me back pressies. They wanted to do something to help me feel a bit better about cacking up my PC, and it certainly made me smile. I also remembered this morning that there¬†was a spare computer I could use. I was poking along on my netbook (which… Read more »

Arse Kickery

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I wasn’t sure what I was expecting with the Seasonal thing on Diablo III, but so far I am liking it. There’s something about having a structure that makes the game more enjoyable to me; it’s part of why I play lots of Legacy games in The Sims. The real question is going to be if I enjoy doing it… Read more »

Eat It

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I am currently curled up in ‘my’ chair nest at Z’s parents’ house. They have put out a lovely spread, and I have been doing my best to make it disappear since getting here a couple of hours ago. It’s the perfect sort of fooding situation for trying to hurry up this half-assed healing thing my body is attempting. I’m… Read more »

Another Year

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And today marks another year gone by in the life of my eldest. She has had an awesome day, with presents, cake, butts, and a playdate with her bestie. Top that off with spending the night at her grandparent’s, and well. I’m sure that she’ll still be buzzing when we go over for lunch tomorrow//to pick her up. I’m unbuzzing,… Read more »

Further Loots

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It’s Christmas, and the girls have gone to bed mainly satisfied. Gifts have ranged from requested yo yos, to a karaoke machine, to new headboards (and lots of stuff in between). I got a stack of books, and Z got some Star Wars goodies. In short, everyone was well sorted. Of course, now I’m ultra exhausted. *chuckles* And I’m still… Read more »

Kid Approved

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Today, Z and I finally were able to sit down and wrap the girls’ Christmas presents. He took them over to his parent’s house for a bit of a play, and we got stuck in. Smalls declared the amount to be satisfactory when she got back… the butt. *chuckles* I’m feeling a fair bit better today. I did end up… Read more »

Looty Loot Loot

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It’s the last workday of the year, yay! And with that came a final divvy of presents from our various contractors. Since neither Z nor myself drink, we ended up with a choice selection of candy and biscuits (cookies for the non-Brits). I claimed the jellies for my own because I love jelly candy, while Z has made sure to… Read more »

Seating Still Available

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Whatever tummy bug Littler had has now spread across the family. Smalls has been hugging her bucket all day, while Z has been sleeping. My guts aren’t great, but I’m probably the best out of the lot of us. Smalls and Z are upstairs resting for now, while Littler just helped me make dinner — or an attempt at. I… Read more »

When Weather Happens

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Finally, the snow thing occurred. We woke up with a nice accumulation, and it was a fairly steady fall for most of the morning. We managed to get outside twice as a group for a bit of a play, so that was excellent. I’m probably going to pay for it, but. Even feeling like crap and not wanting to move,… Read more »

Tide of Desk-truction

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Oh okay, I might be fibbing slightly. This is actually my desk after I’ve done some chipping away at it. It’s still pretty bad, but it’s not like I’ve had the spoons to chip at it. Shit, I’ve had a hard enough time doing my ‘basic’ daily writing. I feel a little bad about it, ’cause Z has been in… Read more »