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Cute as a…

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Because of the girls, my desk tends to have a random assortment of hair accessories on it. So when I needed to clip my hair back and the first thing I saw was one of Smaller’s bows? Well, in it went. Totally me, innit? *laughs* I probably confused the heck out of the Amazon delivery when I answered the door… Read more »

Getting Steamy

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Z was mulling his kitchen cleaning strategy last night, and decided to check out steam mops. I pointed out that they could work as a carpet steamer as well, so he found one that ticked both boxes. We only prodded it on the edge of the kitchen carpet (which we’re now discussing replacing), but peeled it back so we could… Read more »

Coming Along

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Z busted out the vacuum to attack the foyer, and ended up parking it with me so I could de-hair it. As the sheddingest person in the house, I cheerfully volunteer for that chore, because it’s only fair. After removing more hair than is actually on my head (whups <__<), I ran it around ‘my’ side of the lounge. I… Read more »

Slow Progress

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I finally managed to rub some spoons together and get a few bits of tidying done. It’s nowhere near where I/we want it to be, but it’s a start. Z has made a lot of progress jiggering things around, which I am super impressed by. He’s even gotten Smalls to help him out, which is excellent. I’m hoping that I… Read more »


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Batman there on the top was very, very lucky that Poison was in a deep sleep. She is not keen on him being in her bubble, and will turn from the sweetest snuggleslut to a vicious mauler. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ll be petting him in bed and find a new wound — because he got too… Read more »

Shall Be My Queen

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It’s knitting tonight, and a part of my self-care regime for going out and peopling has been making the effort to paint my nails. Today’s colour is another one from a-england — Shall Be My Queen. It looks a lot pinker online than it does in person, though apparently I see it redder than other people in meatspace. Whatever, I… Read more »

Find the Stealthbutt

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Today’s stealthbutt was once again generated to annoy Smalls. She told me off today for being cheeky, and I quote, ‘I’m trying to make you a proper person!’. I love this kid, y’all. *laughs* I appreciate her attempting to use her own reasoning to figure out right, wrong, and cheeky, and I don’t hold it against her that she applies… Read more »

Right Meow

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This picture amused me, hence picking it. It looked great as I was clicking, and then somehow ended up a blurfest. Meh, it’s still cute, even if blurry, and shows the main thing — I have a new cat ear headband. I’ve been meaning to pick up one for ages, so it feels pretty good to finally have one on… Read more »

View From the Chair

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It’s the last day of the half-term holiday, so we’ve all been gaming for all we’re worth. Z has been playing ‘Cowboy Skyrim’ (aka ‘Red Dead Redemption II’), and I’m poking along in My Time in Portia, which means an extensive view of the back of my character’s head as she runs around doing the things. I’ve not even picked up my… Read more »

In Repose

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We spent all day chilling out at Z’s parents’ house, snacking and watching football, chatting about this and that. Mum got hit with snapshots from my world view, things she hadn’t had any reason to think about, but now she’ll consider (like women of colour being more likely to die in childbirth due to not being taken seriously, see Beyonce,… Read more »