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Y’all, I did it. I managed to go out and be social. I drove, I sat, chatted, knit… quite pleased. Hopefully I manage again in two weeks. In the interim, I reminded E and M that they’re welcome to come around here and sit in the a/c crafting any time. *chuckles* For now, just tipping my hat before scooting off… Read more »


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And voila, we’ve made our garden a little more birb friendly. We’ve not spotted any birds yet, but it’s the wrong time of day too, Z contends. So we’ll see. I’m sure I’ll peek outside loads tomorrow. Not a lot to report. Bit of work, bit of yarn, bit of existing. Brain fog has rolled in a bit heavy for… Read more »

Something New

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We took Mum out for her birthday, and ended up having lunch while we were out as well. I decided to try something new and scary — a tuna melt. My end opinion is ‘Nope, never again’, but I’m glad I confirmed it was weird and not for me. But yeah, on the whole nice, and we all came back… Read more »


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October had flung herself on the rug, pouting because I stopped petting her to pack up an order. The second I said her name, she flung her head back my direction, and the rest of the body followed. As did more pats. But I love that I accidentally snapped the precise second she flung her head back my way. Not… Read more »


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Today has been a lovely, albeit busy day. The cats’ foster parents came for a visit, and 3/4 made a decent showing. Vivi of all cats only poked his head out briefly before effing off to find a hiding place. The babies were very social, and Raven even came and sniffed around a bit. Cats aside, it was nice to… Read more »


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I mean, there’s often upwards of three cats on the back table, but not normally in nap mode. Y’all know me, always celebrate cat proximity. Been doing a bit of tidying today. Z had been doing some bits, and I felt like joining in. The small social sector of downstairs probably could pass for people who aren’t disabled AF, maybe…. Read more »


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Yup, more October in the curtain. What can I say, she’s adorable. We, finally, have a closed gate in our back fence. L came and put the keypad on, and is coming back tomorrow to stain the wood. So yeah, that’s nice. Tyson, one of next door’s cats isn’t impressed, because it impedes his current wander-route. *chuckles* Z commented that… Read more »

Various Adventures

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Today has been… something. We had a session at the trampoline park with some friends, which was pretty okay. It was my first outing in ages, and maybe not the best one for a first go noise-wise, but it was fine. I had my yarn, I had people to talk to, and a coffee milkshake. Coffee milkshakes make so many… Read more »