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Food Coma

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I just got back from our annual Stitch ‘n Bitch Christmas dinner. And while I had intended to share a picture of my meal, I can’t. I ate so much that thinking about or looking food is making my gorge rise. But man, worth it. Herd puts on a good Christmas dinner. And! We were apparently their first Christmas dinner… Read more »

It’s Probably Dead Now

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I spotted this little fellow on my shoe a few minutes ago. I figured I’d politely take it outside. That didn’t go well and I panicked and flung it and heard a thwap. Then Z pointed out that even if didn’t accidentally murder it with my eepful flinging that the cold probably would. Oh well. Rest in peace little bug… Read more »

Out the Door

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I packed the snoods up with Z today, and sent them to their intended recipient at work. She was delighted, and asked what she owed me. Not gonna lie, I way low-balled myself; I said a minimum of £20, with anything above and over being please and thank you. Still, it wasn’t done for profit, but it’s nice to get… Read more »

The Leaden Tease

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The sky was teasing me today. It was all heavy and dark and looking wintry, but alas, not doing anything but passing by the window. We’re going to have some sub-freezing overnight temperatures the next couple of nights, but no promises of anything snow-esque. There’s probably going to be a lot of complaining about not-snow over the next couple of… Read more »

My Day in a Picture

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Well, this picture is lacking the cake aspect of the day. There’s definitely cake in the house. It was the ‘Winter Bonanza’ at Smallhausen’s school today, which basically means ‘come forth and give us money for tat’. So we bought our annual portion of reindeer food, Small’s annual glitter tattoo, and three cakes. We were there as they were preparing… Read more »

And Finally, the Moon

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Why yes, my picture here is different from my featured image I’m tricking you, hee hee. But then, I myself was tricked by Z. He’d apparently ordered both of them for me and was being sneaky about it. His logic? He wanted to make sure that I had both of them before the Genesect codes expired. This is one of… Read more »

One Thing Went Right Today

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Another day, another day my new Pokémon didn’t arrive. Again. Even I’m starting to get pissed off. Z called Amazon again and cancelled the order, and immediately re-ordered it. He saved £2, and it was guaranteed tomorrow delivery from an Amazon courier, not Royal Mail. Also, he go ta £5 voucher, and a free month of Prime out of the… Read more »

This is my Grr Face

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Today was release day in the UK for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Z pre-ordered it for me months ago. So did it arrive on time? Nope. Anything pre-ordered for me ever shows up on time. Z called Amazon and fussed at them about it, and they claim it’s going to be here tomorrow. Really, what’s the freaking point of pre-ordering… Read more »

Onwards, Ho!

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I had a scheduled Skype date with my sister this evening, so my hands were kept busy with knitting rather than writing or gaming. It was a good two hour chat, and reminded me that I am glad that we are the people we are now rather than the people that we used to be. We’ve tentatively pencilled in again… Read more »

Poor Poison

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Z had clocked yesterday that Poison (pictured left) had wee’d on a bit of cardboard in the study, and that there was a bit of blood in it. We had a little kit from the vet should this ever happen, so he managed to extract a sample and take it in. The tl;dr is that she’s got cystitis, and a… Read more »