One Thing Went Right Today

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img_20161124_150856476Another day, another day my new Pokémon didn’t arrive. Again. Even I’m starting to get pissed off. Z called Amazon again and cancelled the order, and immediately re-ordered it. He saved £2, and it was guaranteed tomorrow delivery from an Amazon courier, not Royal Mail. Also, he go ta £5 voucher, and a free month of Prime out of the chasing them over over this grievous error, so yanno… #brightside?

So, no Pokémon. Instead, our NES Classic Mini arrived well in advance of the date we were given.t It’s so tiny and squee and I love it. My only complaint is that even though my monitor purports to do audio, it didn’t do the audio from the games. Sound worked fine on the television, so I don’t know. I’d love to be able to sit here and play it, but the music is a huge part of the experience. I ended up sort of grumble-muttering the tunes the few minutes I was playing it here, because yanno, verrah important.

I guess one other thing went well — knitting. I was feeling calmer this week than I was last week, and the overall experience was a reassuring one. My paranoia is still there telling me everyone hates me, but it was slightly silenced by how pleasant an evening it was.

Right, it’s late, bed is calling, etc. Ta!


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