This is my Grr Face

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img_20161123_203009312Today was release day in the UK for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Z pre-ordered it for me months ago. So did it arrive on time? Nope. Anything pre-ordered for me ever shows up on time. Z called Amazon and fussed at them about it, and they claim it’s going to be here tomorrow. Really, what’s the freaking point of pre-ordering when this is the crap I have to deal with. A friend of mine on Facebook said she was aware of other people having similar issues with their Pokémon pre-orders, which really. For the 20 years I’ve been playing the franchise, this was the first time I was properly going to get my launch day on, and denied. Amazon, this large plastic knitting needle? C’est pour vous. *hrmph*

Past that, not really much going on. Work-work happened, child-tending happened, the usual sort of things.


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