Onwards, Ho!

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img_20161122_200741656I had a scheduled Skype date with my sister this evening, so my hands were kept busy with knitting rather than writing or gaming. It was a good two hour chat, and reminded me that I am glad that we are the people we are now rather than the people that we used to be. We’ve tentatively pencilled in again to do another one next month when she has two weeks off from school (B is a teacher). I’m looking forward to it.

I also dropped a line to our sister that just had the baby, R. Our mother is there, so I didn’t want to get properly conversating where it might be intercepted. B says that mom just sort of went in spite of being told not to and why, and apparently is staying until after Thanksgiving. Grand. ¬¬ R says that she would love to Skype once she is visitor-free, so I am looking forward to that as well. I can’t really handle a lot a lot of Skyping, but I’m glad for the times that it does happen ’cause yanno, siblings oh so far away. I should also make a point to organise one with my brother and his wife (whom I’ve only met in passing compliments of FB friending), but I never quite manage the spoon-push to organise that. Not because I don’t want to talk to them — just that in the case of my sisters, they put forth the idea and I was able to build on it.

Anyways, back to knitting, Stardew Valley, and tiny-wrangling. Z had a meeting tonight, so that meant that I got kid duty. I don’t mind — the big one is pretty easy to get tucked into bed, and the little one is happy to wander between me and the couch. But as she is shifting into sleepytime cuddle mode, I should wrap this up and make my arms available.


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