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I was looking at the bracelets I’d made yesterday, and realised I’d strung one incorrectly. So yeah, fixing it. I would not have noticed if I hadn’t’ decided to make ore in the same flag, so yay for that. Past that, trying to stay cool, and happily distracted. The former is meh, ’cause it’s warm, but the latter continues to… Read more »


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Some days are better, some days are worse. Today was pretty decent in the scheme of things. I think having Skyrim to distract does a world of good, especially knowing I’ve a small handful of friends doing new playthroughs as well. Past that, not much to say. It’s a long weekend, not that it makes much difference to what I do… Read more »

On High

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Today is one of those really high pain days. Like… people who don’t have chronic health issues don’t have any real idea how one can be so exhausted that it converts to physical pain, and then the depth of the pain. It’s probably being worsened by the fact it’s warm-ish and humid-ish, but anyways. It is what it is. At… Read more »

So Cute

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I can’t remember if those wellies have been there for ages, or if I just finally clocked them, but it’s pretty cute. Not really much going on today. Went and hung out with Mum. We had almost nothing to talk about, so we just sort of companionably knitted and zoned out. Speaking of zoning out, hi, bye, back to some… Read more »

He’s Seen Some Shit

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I’ve had the urge to play some Skyrim percolating behind my eyes for a few weeks now. I don’t know how much playing I *will* do, but at least I’ve rolled a new character — and really, isn’t that half the battle? Past that, doing a bit of dice shopping. My shop has a distinct lack of lesbian flag stuff, in… Read more »

Pretty Much

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In the last couple of months, I’ve been feeling my baseline energy reserves getting smaller. My legs have started to feel… weak? I’m getting to the point where I think I’m going to need to bust out my wheelchair to get to the postbox. I mean, it’s there to use, and it would probably make my life easier once I… Read more »

Not Much

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Not really anything to report today. The picture is ’cause Smaller declared I’d not snuggled Astrid recently enough, and to rectify it. So yanno, job done. For the moment, gotta get dinner in my face, and some degree of hydration. I forgot that we have our Covid tests today, and for Z and I that includes giving/trying to give a… Read more »

A Day’s Work

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I’ve been a bit fibro flare-y today, and I’m sure that knitting most of the day probably hasn’t been helping. I mean, it’s probably not hurting either, since it doesn’t normally leave my nerves feeling like they’re on fire. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But eh, so it goes. I’m currently distracting myself by running rifts in Diablo 3, so gonna go back to that…. Read more »


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For the first time in ages, we have people in our house. Having said that, they’ve been in our house at least once in every legal break between lockdowns, but still. People! Woo! It’s been a nice day. The usual gaming has occurred. We’re currently watching an episode of The Adventure Game while digesting pizza. Eurovision is tonight, and while they’ll… Read more »