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Just Stop

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One of Vivi’s things is to drink from the bathtub tap. He’s since adjusted his positioning so he can do it while looking at me. Thanks cat, not only are you loud and slurpy, but you’re giving me The Look for being annoyed by it. Cats, innit. *chuckles* Not a lot going on. Got hit by a random feel and… Read more »

Beautiful Lies

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October still hasn’t decided that she likes being picked up, but most of the time now she pauses for at least a few seconds before fleeing. I thought this captured that sort of emotion pretty well, ha ha. No Dad, unhand me! Unhand me I say! All I’ve really been up to today is working on my sock — and… Read more »

And Done!

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And after however long it’s been, the blanket is done. I’m very happy with it, and it’s tidily folded away for a time when I actually need a blanket. I posted it on my personal FB with a note that I’d be willing to sell it for a fair price, but that the fair price is a lot higher than… Read more »

My Delight

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Folx, my blanket is nearly completion, and I am so full of delight. I’m actually waffling on whether or not to put it up for sale — not  that I’d expect to get a fair price. Like, £200 would be a discount, and I’d probably have to go more like £150 to be in with a chance of shifting it…. Read more »

Boys Boys Boys

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A picture from a few days ago, of Raven and Halo. Halo, who is only nine months old, and definitely bigger than brothers a good 10 months older. I tell him he’s an absolute unit, and he just continues to peaceably cat onward. Good lad. It’s been a pretty decent day all told. I forgot to take my meds at… Read more »

While You Were Out

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And by ‘out’, I mean in bed. Z took this snap of adorable smugness. Alas, she was not to found when I wandered downstairs briefly, but that’s fine too. I’m glad she’s happy to claim it when I’m not around. Nothing really to report. Been on a bit of a Minecraft kick; I’ve got an increasingly pleasing homestead. I need to… Read more »


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Z had an appointment across town today, so I made the best of joining him to enjoy the countryside. That’s one thing I love about living in the UK — it’s just so pretty to drive through. Having said that, I hope we don’t have to make as long a drive any time soon. Past that, not a lot. Knitting,… Read more »


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When there’s a will, there’s a day — and Vivi found it by cramming into this very small box. Good lad, way to cat. It’s been a pretty good day all told. Surprised myself by making really good headway workwise; I didn’t expect to make any when our system wasn’t working at initial starting up. We’re out for a few… Read more »