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Jiggery Pokery

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I can’t remember if I mentioned yesterday that I managed to find a way to use our cheap and cheerful tripod for my shop pictures. If I didn’t, well, I did, and here’s pictorial proof. Of course, my timing is terrible ’cause Z is dishing up dinner, but never mind. I can do a round of photos later. I’ve mainly… Read more »

Rainbow Dash

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The jumper is growing nicely. I’m only halfway down the body from the arms at this point, but hopefully I can make a good amount of progress over the weekend. Hopefully. (Hopefully) As it were, I’ve been super plague-ridden today. My sleep way messed up last night, to the point where I almost crawled back in to sleep the day… Read more »


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Z decided that he didn’t want to cook tonight, so after some deliberation, we opted to hit up the fish and chip van that visits the village on a Thursday. Thanksgiving doesn’t exist as a holiday over here (though lots of people ‘celebrate’ it as an excuse to have food with friends), so it sort of delights me that our… Read more »


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I was sitting here, minding my business, when my throat went all scritchy. And it’s not a short-term, oh I coughed funny scritch — it’s persistent and out of nowhere. Rude? So rude. My throat is thoroughly moistened and the scritch is still there, which really, tells me all that I need to know. At least Littler should be back… Read more »

Fancy Cats

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With Littler home sick, Batman’s neediness cranks up to 13. This was me playing with the new camera, whose viewscreen flips up so you can see yourself for photographing selfies. I won’t claim that it’s the most inspired bit of photography, but ah well. Practice makes perfect, etc. Littler, as said, was home with me again today. She’s kept herself… Read more »

The Rainbow Grows

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I applied myself pretty well to getting some knitting done today. My end-of-day goal is to get back to a red stripe, which should be easy enough to complete. I also had the future owner of this jumper at home today. Apparently, she caught whatever lurgy has been going around her class; one of her dear friends was out most… Read more »

Ceci N’Est Pas Un Chapeau

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It’s not a hat, nor would you find a Browncoat in it. It’s the starting couple of rows of Smaller’s jumper! I’m doing six stitches in each colour row, so it’s gonna feel like it’s building quickly enough. That, and cleaning my desk have been my main tasks today. Since Baby was still in my backpack from yesterday, I worked… Read more »

Gloom, No Doom

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It’s a super overcast day today, which. At least it wasn’t raining too much while we were on the road? I managed to make myself immediately ill by trying to do some sewing in the car… won’t be doing that again, heh. But having said that, I’ve got Small’s jumper finished off now. We’re visiting R and fam, so I… Read more »

Jumped Up

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I have just cast off the second sleeve on the jumper, woo hoo! Now I have elevently billion ends and imperfections to take care of, le sigh. It probably will take less time than I think that it will, but it’s still ‘work’. At least we’re to this last stage in a reasonable time frame. At least I’ve already got… Read more »


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My new camera arrived bright and early this morning. As far as I can tell, the only thing that was ‘wrong’ with it was that the steal had been broken on the box at some point in the past. I am nooot going to complain about saving £100 over something so minor, and would’ve been happy with it being scratched… Read more »