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The Cakening

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Some kids would probably consider having most of their guests unable to come due to illness a ruined birthday party, but not our girl. She’s having a good time with her lessened guest list, because she’s a solid person and makes the best of everything. Plus, bonus points, she picked a cake that had tonnes of tiny layers and lots… Read more »


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Today, I have completed a seasonal goal that has eluded me for ages — I have completed a Greater Rift on Level 70. This unlocks a better class of drops called Ancient Primal,¬† and while my first was useless for me (wrong class, wrong stats, wrong everything!), it was awesome to see that it was a thing I can now… Read more »

Rinses, Repeat

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Today has been another day of doing nothing. Which yanno, that’s the point of the holidays. Having said that, there are some chores I should think about doing tonight… but will probably put off until tomorrow, since Tuesday is the next day we actually have to think about. Of course, that’s just me. Z has been resting most of the… Read more »

Fun Paper

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One of the doofy things that I love about our printer, and its predecessor, is that I can print out graph paper. I use it for so many games, and for knitting, and well. This was planning out my spring garden in¬†Stardew Valley, which is the biggest garden I’ve ever bothered to plant. I already have the greenhouse, which is… Read more »

Keeping Busy

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I was chatting with a dear friend earlier, and I was telling her about how I was playing video games and knitting. She asked me how many hands I had, so I had to explain the forms my ADHD takes. Like, I hyperfocus on things for seconds, maybe minutes at a time, and then move onto something else. Is it… Read more »

Getting On

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Gaming is happening, knitting is happening. I’m making fairly good progress on this sock. I’m not going to magically finish it tonight by any stretch, but at least I’ll be completing the gusset and getting started on the home stretch. And for me, the second sock is always faster and easier than the first, because all the ‘hard’ math has… Read more »

Christmas Contentment

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At least, the children are more or less content. They got a good haul on the whole; Nanny and Grandad got them new tablets, which made them very happy. My haul was good too — books and candy, and fluffy socks too. We gave Z some silly coasters, office supplies, Funko Pop, and a burrito blanket. With the latter, I… Read more »

Scrubbed Up

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Everyone is scrubbed up and ready to greet Christmas day. The stockings have been fished out, Z picked up things to put in them, and the presents have been more or less in place for a couple of days now. #organised, amirte. I *DO* feel organised today though. I’ve made myself a tickylist of chores and gotten through most of… Read more »

It Grows

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No matter how many socks I do, I always manage to surprise myself with just how quickly they actually build. I’ve done 25~ rounds today so far, which yanno… neat. I don’t know if I’m going to finish the leg part of the sock today (probably not), but at least I’m in good nick to maybe have this pair done… Read more »

Getting a Start

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After what has felt like the world’s longest cuff, I’m finally onto the body of the first sock. I’m busy being easily distracted by video games, which yanno, perfect for a nice weekend day. And heh, more so for one I woke up convinced was a Monday. Whups. That’s the main thing, really. It’s skein’d over my stomach feeling mildly… Read more »