Scrubbed Up

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Everyone is scrubbed up and ready to greet Christmas day. The stockings have been fished out, Z picked up things to put in them, and the presents have been more or less in place for a couple of days now. #organised, amirte.

I *DO* feel organised today though. I’ve made myself a tickylist of chores and gotten through most of it. The out that I haven’t given myself credit for yet is laundry. I sorted what was upstairs, but it hasn’t been folded and put away. Most of it is mine, so at least doing my stuff and my stuff alone, if it comes to that, still does most of the chore. Good? Yas. There’s another basket of clean stuff that needs to come up, and a few more loads that need to go through, but at least some of it is done. I’m all about embracing ‘half-assed’, since it still gets at least that much of a butt done.

Speaking of butts, have fun finding the one hidden on our family Christmas card, ha ha.


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