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Meal With a View

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There is a place near to ours that I have wanted to go to lunch at pretty much since I moved here. Today was finally that day, and what a day for a view. And I am most sincere in that — it was very pretty in a bleak sort of way, which is fitting with it being winter and… Read more »


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I am on the edge of a migraine right now — all because I wanted to read a wiki article. The problem is that the background on the wiki in question is black. I know I can’t really read things on black, but I REALLY wanted to read it and figured it might be worth the risk… I was wrong…. Read more »

Return to Red

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I’ve been slacking on my knitting because heeey, Diablo III. I’m close to finishing Act V again, so that is a slight bit more interesting than the old round and around. Having said that, I will probably switch to knit mode after dinner. My hands will be sad if they don’t make a few stitches, dontcha know. I have done… Read more »

Blanket Party

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There was a bit of snow on the ground when I woke up this morning — but only a bit. There was more plastered to the side of the car, which tried to cling on in spite of rain. It’s really cold and wet out there still, albeit still rain instead of snow. Between that and E not able to… Read more »

Further Loots

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It’s Christmas, and the girls have gone to bed mainly satisfied. Gifts have ranged from requested yo yos, to a karaoke machine, to new headboards (and lots of stuff in between). I got a stack of books, and Z got some Star Wars goodies. In short, everyone was well sorted. Of course, now I’m ultra exhausted. *chuckles* And I’m still… Read more »

Untold Riches!

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Z went over to his parents’ house to help with prep for tomorrow, and took the girls with him. His mother keeps an advent calendar for the girls over there, and sends them home with what they haven’t had when it comes to the end of advent. Which means they have a bag full of really nice chocolate that probably… Read more »

Kid Approved

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Today, Z and I finally were able to sit down and wrap the girls’ Christmas presents. He took them over to his parent’s house for a bit of a play, and we got stuck in. Smalls declared the amount to be satisfactory when she got back… the butt. *chuckles* I’m feeling a fair bit better today. I did end up… Read more »

Looty Loot Loot

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It’s the last workday of the year, yay! And with that came a final divvy of presents from our various contractors. Since neither Z nor myself drink, we ended up with a choice selection of candy and biscuits (cookies for the non-Brits). I claimed the jellies for my own because I love jelly candy, while Z has made sure to… Read more »

Yay Soup

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Because obviously, in this era of the internet, one must post pictures of their food as often as possible. It’s not plated or posed or Photoshopped — it’s just soup that I made tossed in a bowl, ’cause eating it straight out of the slow cooker is probably not the best idea. I had two bowls for dinner last night,… Read more »

To Actual Scale

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No, obviously my child isn’t the size in this picture, ha ha. But a parcel came in for Z that wasn’t due today, so I asked her to stand there for comparison. He figured out what it was and that it had actually come two days early, so at least that mystery was solved. And at least it was solved… Read more »