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Nothing Much

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Today has been a day of doing very little, but doing it well. Both girls were home with me, and were awesome at entertaining both themselves as individuals, but also as a pair. I think that we’re all going to make it through this half-term, seeing how there’s only two more day-days before the weekend and return to ‘normal’ operations…. Read more »

Definitely Nothing

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I have done my best to do nothing today, and I think I’m doing it fairly well. Having said that, I am feeling pretty crap as a baseline; I’m debating calling it an early night. We have a birthday party at early o’clock tomorrow morning, and as tempted as I would be to give it a miss, I have been… Read more »

Heh Heh, Pots

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When I first moved here, the divider between my in-law’s house and the neighbouring was roses, lots of roses. When the current occupants moved in, they eventually dug them up and replaced them with pictured potted trees. I found the shadows aesthetically pleasing as we pulled out to return home, so I figured I’d take a picture. You’re welcome, ha… Read more »

Two to Go

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There is finally an end in sight on the blanket squares — there are only two more cakes of wool to get through. I don’t know how long it’ll take me exactly because I haven’t been keeping track of that. I guess I could circle back and get an estimate, but honestly? I can’t be bothered. 🙂 What I CAN… Read more »

Dangly Spangly… Things

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If there is one thing I dislike about running an Etsy shop, it’s having to try to write cover for my listings. Most of mine are pretty slapdash, so I’m hoping people find them charming and amusing. >__> It’s obviously worse if I do a lot of listings at once, which is why most days I stick to one or… Read more »

New Cake

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Today has become another day, another cake of wool. I don’t know that I will finish a full square today, but that’s fine too. I’ve been gaming and chatting, and I even stopped to make another bracelet. Said bracelet promptly sold ’cause my friends are awesome, and I can hope the recipient loves it. I know I do; I’d be… Read more »


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I’m not exactly sure what the deal is today, or the combination of deals, but breathing? Yeah, not happening. My nasal passages are clear-feeling in spite of snottiness, but like… lungs. They are protesting a lack of air anytime I get up to do anything. I know I’ve still got a cold, I know the pollen count is up there,… Read more »

Le Grind

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Today has been… floofy. I had to check myself at one point to make sure I wasn’t rocking a fever ’cause I was feeling on the edge of hallucination-y. Instead I’m apparently cold-blooded, but never mind. Work got done, writing got done, and I didn’t dissolve into a pile of spittle on my desk. I’m going to call that a… Read more »

All Fangy and Unimpressed

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I’ve had to make the call to stay in tonight, grr. I’m feeling better than I did when I got up this morning… but that’s really not saying much. Z said firmly and truthfully that hey, if I DID go out, it would wear me out and leave me a lot worse off. He’s right, but it doesn’t change that… Read more »

So Not Impressed

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So. I went up to bed last night, performed my normal ablutions, and laid down… only to find out that APPARENTLY, I had a head cold just waiting for me to lay down and discover I couldn’t breathe. I managed to get to sleep somehow in spite of having to mouth breathe, and woke up completely crusted up and over…. Read more »