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Today has been a day of doing very little, but doing it well. Both girls were home with me, and were awesome at entertaining both themselves as individuals, but also as a pair. I think that we’re all going to make it through this half-term, seeing how there’s only two more day-days before the weekend and return to ‘normal’ operations. And of course, they’re booked in for a both-of-them sleepover between now and school going back in session Monday, so that’ll keep them on their best behaviour. *grins* And if not, I love ’em just the same.

I… this is gonna sound bad, but I am SO FREAKING RELIEVED that the tentatively scheduled in playdate for today was cancelled. I woke up with a raging headache, and today has been… dicey. I had wanted an adult hanging out rather than all the kiddos, and we’re still on for that, but next week. It’s still gonna be earlier than I like, but it’s on my turf with my fridge full of caffeine. I can probably manage. xD

What else… ah, yes. My mother-in-law’s birthday is next month, so I’m plotting out pressies. I know one little thing I want to get her, and I know a thing I want to make her. Z knows what I’m thinking of doing, and I think that she will like it. It’s gonna be one of the fanciest things that I’ve made, but simple in its beauty. Which is to say, I’m way looking forward to applying myself to it.

Right, off to get kiddos into bed, and then back to save Skyrim from itself.


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