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She’s a Star

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Today, we went to see the littlest in her first school Nativity. She was one of the kings/wise men, which amounted to standing there looking cute, and occasionally remembering to half-assedly join in with the songs. It wasn’t Shakespeare, but it definitely was cute. I commented to Z on the way home that I sort of wish we’d tried to… Read more »

It Begins

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One of the houses in the village that went all out for Halloween has made a start on their Christmas decorations. If that’s what they want to do, then good on them — but I still roll my eyes slightly. While smiling. As said, to each their own, but it’s not for me personally. Doesn’t mean I’m going to disparage… Read more »

Too Many Unicorns

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Today, my companion Smalls complained that I have too many unicorns, and that I was greedy. Let’s see — I made one unicorn, the red thing is a mooshroom, Fluffy was a Christmas gift, and kittencorn is only half a unicorn (and the only one I bought anyways). I was amused though — I do love my plush goodness. And… Read more »

Tide of Desk-truction

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Oh okay, I might be fibbing slightly. This is actually my desk after I’ve done some chipping away at it. It’s still pretty bad, but it’s not like I’ve had the spoons to chip at it. Shit, I’ve had a hard enough time doing my ‘basic’ daily writing. I feel a little bad about it, ’cause Z has been in… Read more »

Brutally Exhausted

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Z had a little errand to run today, so we turned it into the inaugural car journey for the family (the short drive from his parent’s house the other night not counting). We had a bit of paperwork to drop off at the dealership, and stopped at shop to get some lunch as well. It’s not much of an outing,… Read more »

Technique Testing

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In addition to the jumper that I am currently making for Z, I’m doing some blanket squares because heeeeey, all the blankets! I wasn’t terribly satisfied with the edges on the increased side of the square, so I’m tinkering with some other ways of increasing to give it a more uniform look. What I am doing right now gives it… Read more »

Gray on Gray

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While most of my dialecticals have long since switched to nearly Pure British™®, I prefer the spelling of gray with an a. I think that’s in part due to Americans who use the e spelling normally being snotty knobheads, ha ha. But I figured it was the most apt description of this picture — they gray of the sky above… Read more »

Oh No, Beta!

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This is, of course, a Simpsons reference. It’s been going through my head since Z told me yesterday that our new car was going to be a Ford B-Max. And lo, here it is. It’s not the best picture because it was dark by the time that we got home, but you get the idea. It’s a car, it has… Read more »

Jog On

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One of the annoying things in circular knitting is jogging. And no, not that jogging I avoid like the plague, but rather, stripes that don’t line up. There are a couple of different methods that are supposed to help eliminate the worst of that, and I applied one here when I changed colours. I’m only a few rows into the… Read more »

Tasting the Rainbow

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Littler decided she wanted to curl up on me and ‘help’ me play Pokemon, so I figured I’d get a picture of her being my cute little cuddle buddy. She immediately started pulling faces, because that’s what she does now when she sees a camera. Ah well, it’s still cute. And, amusingly, matched my shirt. I didn’t notice that until… Read more »