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Then There Were Four

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I didn’t expect to be settling up Littler’s laptop today. But then, I also didn’t expect to be disturbing her little plant pot. Poison was on the table and I was giving her some pets and brushing, and instead of moving the plant to safety, I just tried to move it to a higher spot on the desk… which didn’t… Read more »


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Yes, this face is a grumpy face, sort of. I took a bath, grudgingly, and came out of it feeling really sick and headache-y. Like, overheated? I know I like a hot bath, but I am hella confused by the feeling overheated thing. I chucked some caffeine and paracetamol at it, and am currently trying to make sure I’ve got… Read more »


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I was very happy last night, as I met my desired knitting goal — I finished the half of the front I was working on. I also sat down and got the second half mathed out, so I’ve managed a few rows of that today. I don’t know what my knitting end goal for today is at this point, but… Read more »

Much Better

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Today, I did the chore I wanted to get done the most — I got under the dining table cleared out, and was able to return the chair to the dining room. I took the (very) modest momentum I managed to build up to get rubbish picked up, and the vacuumed whizzed around my rug. There is always more that… Read more »

Sky Shmuck

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The tl;dr on last night’s weather (which I know you’ve all been waiting on tenterhooks for xD) was that there was snow, but it was super wet and didn’t stick to anything. This was my attempt to take a picture of what little there was, and I’m pleased with how this shot came out. Maybe one day I will actually… Read more »

So Over It

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It’s that continued and trite ‘I’m so sick of being sick’, but man, so true. My body continues to find new permutations to work through, and I’m beyond bored of it. It’s all going in the right direction very slowly… very slowly. But eh, it’s the weekend, so it’s not like I have to do much. I’m currently playing Final Fantasy III… Read more »

In Rainbows

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When I was in the Air Force, I put aside my love of fun socks — because it was easier to just keep the bog standard ones that were acceptable for uniform. But after a few Christmasses here, I developed a healthy stockpile of fun, mainly stripy socks. I mainly keep the old ones around to keep my arms warm,… Read more »

Two Times

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Today, I found out one of my co-workers refers to the IT guy as ‘Two Times’ — based on the fact that it seems to take him two times to fix a problem. All I know is that I’m annoyed (dis is annoyed face) because I have worked really hard to get my ‘chores’ done quickly so that I could… Read more »

The Best Use of Spoons

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I’m not completely sure what happened, but I surprised myself by finding the spoonage to make some soup from scratch. I’d been thinking sadly about how store bought doesn’t quite hit the mark, and before I knew it, I’d gone to the kitchen and started peeling potatoes. I’m hoping that I didn’t burn up all my extra spoonage making soup,… Read more »

Morning Glory

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Even if it’s one of those ‘bad for you’ things, I have an energy drink every morning to force my crippled ass vaguely upright. My go-to one is virulently yellow, even in the can, and it caught my eye this morning… so I thought I’d share it. Mmm, lining my stomach with antifreeze or something, ha ha. I’m proud of… Read more »