Bedtime Pals

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One thing that is very common amongst my nearest and dearest is a continued love of stuffed animals. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel sad for those who don’t. I mean, squishy! Huggable! Not going to sass back if you pour your heart out to them! And while they don’t make up a part of my going out anxiety management kit, these two lovelies spend their days and nights parked up in my bed. And while I don’t need a cuddle every night, they do help sometimes when I’m having a hard time getting to sleep.

Alas, last night was not a night of getting to sleep, even with snuggly friends. I went through a chunk of my melatonin through and book-ending vacation, and now that I’m not pumping it into my system, by body is being a butt about it. I really need to pin down one of my friends stationed here and see if they can hook a gal with the goods. I can’t see why it would be a problem; it’s just a matter of getting through executive dysfunction to make it happen.

Anyways. I am going to go pick up my knitting and look at it. If I’m lucky, I’ll manage to ignore Animal Crossing and do a few stitches. xD


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