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The Best Things in Life (are Free)

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In this case, a free dinner compliments of Z’s father. He likes to hit up the chippy on a Friday, and he’s taken to calling us every now and again and seeing if we want some. Hrm, yes please! I’d commented to Z that it was sweet that his parents try to go out of their way to feed us… Read more »

Give a Hoot

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Yes yes, I know, again with the terrible jokes. This is a section of my other, less used purse. I love it, but it needed surgery to be appropriately useful. Thankfully, said surgery was completed in the last couple of day, so I think I’ll switch my stuff over to it for a bit and let it be my primary…. Read more »

The Bookshelf Less Seen

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There are two bookshelves in our lounge. There is a third in the foyer by the front door. Since I’m not usually standing or sitting near it, I figure I’d take a picture to show off its assorted contents and clutter. I direly need to pull out all the bookshelves and re-re-resort them. I also am thinking that the glass-fronted… Read more »


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After a bit of fiddling to make hair and tail occur on my unicorn, I declared her completely done this morning. I had to stop knitting because my back and shoulders started aching. They’ve been really crappy all day, even with pain meds thrown at them. Knitting in chunky tends to bother it more than most other knitting, so I’ve… Read more »