The Best Things in Life (are Free)

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In this case, a free dinner compliments of Z’s father. He likes to hit up the chippy on a Friday, and he’s taken to calling us every now and again and seeing if we want some. Hrm, yes please! I’d commented to Z that it was sweet that his parents try to go out of their way to feed us sometimes, and that it was especially appreciated with Z still not quite in commission.

I realised this evening that we’ve been out of commission for the past month between us. That’s pretty… well. Food occurred and nobody is in hospital, so we’re meeting the bare standards for not completely crap. We’re trying to get back on top of things, but it’s gonna have to be slow lest we crap ourselves out again. The joys of ageing and other things, innit.

Of course, the timing on all of this was cutely ironic — we took a rare family trip to the supermarket to get out of the house, and to pick up a few more easy-to-cook prepared meals. So we have one less day to worry about actual cooking, ha ha. It’s good. Neither of us can feel bad about it because just trying to get by. Besides, getting a pizza from the fresh pizza counter isn’t exactly junk food, so.

Right, off to work on the one chore that I’m trying to do today — I’m trying to get some of the laundry processed. We’ve all hit that point where it’s like… hrm… do I own clothing? xD


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