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Happy Floof

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My hair is clean, and I’ve got the happy floof feels. Too bad they don’t outweigh headaches, ha ha. I’ll take something for it in a little bit, but I’ve been holding off so that I will be at my least pained during socialisation. I’m fairly sure that the plan is still to stay in at mine, but that doesn’t… Read more »

Let There Be Ripples

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I give up on having a flat blanket — let there be ripples. As long as it’s not curling up from being too tight, it’ll work alright for the purpose intended. Now I just need to keep my nose to the grindstone and try to get at least one mini-skein a day added to it. That’ll keep it growing at… Read more »

Liquid Love

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One of the signs, to me, that my health is improving, is that I can find the spoons to do my nails a bit more frequently. It also helps that I am utterly in love with this black. It’s super-shiny, and I even managed to buff scratches out of a thumbnail that I accidentally texturised while it was drying. That’s… Read more »


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I thought doing a round blanket would be a laugh. I thought it would be straightforward — after all, I know the magic ratio you’re supposed to use to keep a circle flat as you go. So of course, I’ve had to pull out several rows several times trying to get the damned thing to behave as the tension changed… Read more »

Blah Blah Blah

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I’m a nerd, ha ha. I was taking some stuff to punch my headache in the taco, so seeing that the co-codamol had a BL carved into it (for the¬†manufacturer), so adding the ‘ah’ for blah? Genius, honest. ((I amuse easily, and I am more than okay with this)) I’ve got nothing on the books for this weekend, which really,… Read more »

Exponential Growth

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If there is one thing I like about crochet (when I’m actually in the mood to do it) is how quickly it grows. Add in the fact that I am doing this with oddments, and it’s so far so good on keeping me vaguely interested. I won’t be taking it with me to the pub tonight ’cause it requires a… Read more »

Blanket Goals

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I had another knitting magazine come in, which means another kit, which means… yeah, I’ve not been using wool fast enough. *chuckles* So I decided I was going to do a round crochet blanket. I don’t know how long I’ll go before I get bored, but I figure it’s likely longer than it would be doing yet another granny square…. Read more »


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My head is cold, and apparently my brain doesn’t accept hair as the appropriate covering for it today… thanks brain, you’re a pal. :p At least the blanket is toasty warm, though I guess I could go find a hat or turn the heat on. But yanno, that makes too much sense. >__> <__< Besides, I like my blanket, and… Read more »

Roll with It

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We have had some mega wind over the past 24+ hours. Like, there was snow not too far from here out of freaking nowhere, it was that wild. It was also really bad most of the morning, though it’s calmer right now. Unfortunately, it was morning that had me walking across the village to and from the surgery, ha ha…. Read more »