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My newest order of thread came in today, so yup, stuck into winding it up and boxing it. I’ve only finished the first box, and am slowly progressing through the second. It’s going to take some time, heh. My couch is covered in piles of thread yet to process. But still, what a fun problem to have. Only thing past… Read more »


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Tharr, proof the tree is up, and mounted with its festive butt. Because it annoys Smalls, ha ha. And because it’s just what me and Z find funny, so. Past that, not a lot. Since my next batch of thread is imminent, I’ve decided to start working on reordering my boxes in preparation. I’ve got the first one done, and… Read more »


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AAAH lookit these boys, so cute. I don’t know how they manage to keep outcute-ing themselves — not that I’m ever gonna complain. It’s like the appeal of babies, but one that can last for years and years. Not a lot today. Slept in super late, and just vaguely poking at my knitting and gaming. It’s the best way to… Read more »


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I was getting settled in to existing this morning, when I realised there was a spot on my arm that was sore. I realised, after a few minutes, that I apparently had been using it repeatedly as a point to press against the desk to turn myself. Whups. So I’ve got a cloth bandage on it, and am trying to… Read more »


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For the first time in The Longest Time Ever, I finally finished this bloody sock. Part of the problem is I can’t leave my knitting on my desk; Vivi will steal it and run amok. Having to put it up and take it out, while minute steps, are still extra steps that give my brain a chance to go nope…. Read more »


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The boys continue to be close, spending lots of time on top of each other or, at least, near each other. But my favourite take on it is when their little faces are all squished up against each other. Still on the sore and exhausted side of life, but in good spirits nonetheless. I’ve confirmed my booking for the event… Read more »


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Vivi decided to curl up on the couch next to Mum, and now that she’s out of the room, Raven has also joined. Will they stay when she gets back? I think, mebbeso. Raven did pop off, and then return, so. Not been up to anything today really. Just like, vaguely gaming, vaguely knitting, and on the whole, resting. I… Read more »