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My big order of thread came in, and it took pretty much all day to sort it out (and by ‘day’, I mean the 4-5 hours I’d be working on a normal day). But it’s done! And then I scanned the knitting patterns that had been haunting the orange binder, freeing it up so that I could better distribute the threads… Read more »

Steady On

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Right so, got another set of six cross-stitches washed, pressed, and ready to frame/list. I guess that’s my side project for the next couple of days, as attention for such can be found (since there are more entertaining things I could be doing, ha ha). But it’s all progress in the right direction, and of course, I’ve already got the… Read more »

Eye Not Spry

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I’ve really started feeling vexed at my general eye health since getting these new glasses. I mean, it’s in part because the optometrist put it into my head that my eyes were tooo dry and now they’re always feeling ultra dry and dumb. I laid down for a bit with my eyes closed, and I put some drops in… might… Read more »


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The thread must-have has reached a crest, and I ordered a genuinely ungodly amount today — like, just shy of 200 skeins. I found site that had it for my preferred price of 69p, so I went mad. I also found there was a top item cap that you could buy, so I had to jiggle stuff around and… Read more »

Bits and Bobs

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Today’s free time, bits around work has been replenishing freebies for my shop. I’m annoyed ’cause I’d prepped a handful of dice, and can’t find them anywhere. So I drilled out more, because yanno, I could. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do the requisite beribboning, or put that off until tomorrow. I’ve still got two hearts on… Read more »


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My nail polishes cases showed up faster than I thought they would. Stuff from eBay usually takes a few days, and this was Hermes (which hadn’t been delivering regularly to the village), so. Yeah. Happy about that. Felt a bit sheepish when all was said and done because I miscounted my nail polishes and forgot an entire rack. So instead… Read more »


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We found a misplaced cushion when we ere decluttering, one that happens to match the blanket we use for the back of the brown couch (I think both were made as a set by my grandmother). Batman has taken a shine to it. I guess it’s that degree of floof that brings him joy. He’s there right now, tempting me… Read more »

Coming Soon

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I made the executive decision earlier today to spend some of my birthday money on nail polish cases. I only need two and a bit with my current stash, but I went ahead and picked up an extra one, since there was yet another discount for buying four instead of three. I’m excited about being able to compress my stash… Read more »

Ticking Along

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I guess my cross-stitch speed is picking up, I guess? I can’t say it feels one way or the other, but results speak for themselves. I started the one I’m working on this morning, and maybe I’ll finish it tonight? Maybe not? I’m not rushing myself along, whatever the case. Which was something I had to get Mum to understand… Read more »