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Bears Squared

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Z surprised me the other day with some more pins for my board. The trifecta of bears is extra special, because of historical silliness. We were playing Lord of the Rings Online with one of my besties and her husband, and we were fighting bears, so I started falsetto singing BEARS BEARS BEARS to the tune of ‘Girls Girls Girls’, and… Read more »


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Halo is looking very fluffy right now. He’s not that fluffy, but he’s fluffy enough. He’s fluffy enough that I started having a panic that he hadn’t been sampled for his blood test, because I couldn’t see where they would have gone. Then I, finally, spotted a bare patch under his chin. Whew. I’ve had a nice trickle of Etsy… Read more »


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Today has been a bit of a fail of a day. We were late getting to the vets. The pre-appointment found that Halokitty currently has a heart murmur, so was in for a blood test rather than neutering. And then poor October, the Queen of Claws, had enough fleas that they wanted to treat her and wait before doing her… Read more »

They Know

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Smalls amused me earlier by commenting that they thought October looked sad. In almost the same breath, she haw haw’d that Halo is ‘getting his balls chopped off’. Yup, tomorrow is Cone of Shame day. I look forward to seeing how adorable October looks in her little onesie we bought her. Today I am… hard to explain. Worn thin a… Read more »


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Halokitty has been mugging all around the house today. I have taken a slightly ungodly number of pictures of him, but hey — he’s more than due. For such a handsome boy, I definitely don’t get as many pictures of him as I do of his sister. It’s Mother’s Day/Mothering Sunday here, so doing the cheerful bare minimum. Mum came… Read more »


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So uh, I apparently started making another blanket. Can’t have enough socks, can’t have enough blankets. And I’m doing this with leftover sock yarn, so best of both worlds. Been a good day on the whole. I’m *finally* starting to look caught up with work stuff. I’ve been putting in a little bit of extra time lately, and managed some… Read more »

Two’s Company

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My environs have sprouted cats. I am delight. Plus yanno, they’re in display mode, which works best with the fact I’m feeling a bit brain dead and all of that. Which is fine, it’s the right end of the day to feel that way. We’re just watching The Last of Us (having waited until season one was complete), and I’m working… Read more »