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The Question

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I keep surprising myself by pulling out opinionated posts on FB this week. Like, self, do we really have the spoons for this? But with the one I just posted, I hit the question of questions — why do people persist in doing things that hurt my friends and family? In this case, consuming anything¬†Harry Potter, due to Rowling’s insistence… Read more »

Spaghetti Dinner

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Spouse and eldest are in town to see Avril Lavigne today, so younger and I are doing our own thing. We went to the Post Office and bought some lovely junky. I made a huge pot of spaghetti, which Smaller was ridiculously excited about. I mean, I guess I was too, because it’s not a dish we normally get to… Read more »


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Littler decided a bit back that she wanted to take flute lessons at school. Hey, I have a flute, maybe I should actually like, bother to practice. And I have, near daily, for the past… some amount of time. Month or two? *checks* About two months, yeah. I can’t say I’m getting spectacular at it, but I’m actually finally developing… Read more »

Goober Towers

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I’ve gotta say, this lot of goobers are spoiled rotten. Z decided last week that they needed another tower, since they didn’t have one by the front window. Now they do! They are quite happy to have more spaces to perch from down here, and indeed, they’ve all been downstairs a smidge more because of it. Not a lot going… Read more »


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Still alive, vaguely. It’s been a bit of a week. First off, the main meds I take for Meniere’s Disease ran out. My supplier hadn’t been able to source them, which… I would have otherwise had a month buffer. A month buffer would have been good. So what did I get instead? A massive attack Sunday night. Which meant spending… Read more »


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I have been meaning to reorganise my big bookshelf for… a really, really long time. It took awhile, but at least now I’ve got a bit of spare space to work with, and made sure to leave less books near the cat tree, ha ha. Their frolicking was quite prone to knocking books to the floor, so. Been keeping busy… Read more »


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So uh, fibro flare. I decided today to take some pain meds to see if it made it a bit better. Hahahah, it made the sparks brighter. Ow. Oh well. Having said that, maybe the edge dulled a bit when I took a co-codamol, so that might be tomorrow’s science if it’s still being ouchy. Science! Other science for the… Read more »

As If

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While I love it when the cats come and hang out down here, three of them staring at me is a bit suss.¬†‘Mother! How dare you let us starve!’ Or yanno, they’re just being cats, ha ha. I’ve not been posting a lot lately ’cause I’ve realised… I’ve been Extra Exhausted. And that’s come with a side of… well, I’m… Read more »