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Take Two

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I miscounted on my first stab at the toe and had to start over. Which is fine! It’s a thought-heavy  toe start, and I don’t mind getting a smidge of extra practice on the starting stages of it. I’m trying to get as much done as I can before Mum comes around for dinner tomorrow, ’cause she expressed an interest… Read more »

Gettin’ Busy

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It’s been a pleasingly busy day. Got up before Smalls made it out the door. Had a bath. Did a really corking job of work-related things. Nice visit with mum. I wasn’t completely sure it was going to happen ’cause Smalls was slightly reticent about being home alone for half an hour. But we talked it over, and they agreed… Read more »

Again With the…

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…cats. I’m always down for showing off my cats, ha ha. It also helps when Poison pulls out all the cute stops to the point where we both get out our phones to take snaps. It probably doesn’t show up super well here, but she had her front paws crossed across her chest, which made her look even stubbier and… Read more »


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Poison deigned to come near me in the daylight hours. No, not to yell for ‘her’ chair, but because the only bit of sunbeam in the room was near me. She didn’t stay long, but was there long enough for me to annoy her with my photography skillz. *grins* It has been a *super* rough day. I woke up really… Read more »

Curse Breaker

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I finally got the second sock done this morning. And, because I am ridiculous and can’t not be knitting a sock, I have already acquired and printed out the next pattern I’m going to do. And, le gasp, actually paid for one! I did Jo Torr’s free Vanilla Sock for these and liked it, so why not give her a… Read more »


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I made a point to strip out some old listings in my Etsy shop, and to chop the beads and findings free to reuse. Well, not the headpins, and some of the lobster clasps have oxidised slightly. They shouldn’t’ve, ’cause they were in a dry dark container, but *anyways*. I’ll sort the beads in a bit, then I have something… Read more »

Sparkle Sparkle

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I know, I know, I’m always cooing over my slowly silvering hair. But it looks so pretty, how can I not. Not been up to a lot of anything today, which is lovely. I finally made it to the rib on the ‘cursed sock’, as Mum referred to it. I mean, ouch, true. I can’t remember the last time I… Read more »


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I’ve been, slowly, gently, trying to get Batman to lay down in my lap. He’s just stood there for the last couple of years, and like… it’s painful? It’s awkward? But he finally decided to pay down and Z ever so kindly got the evidence on camera. I don’t know if I’ll manage to get a repeat, but I’ll sure… Read more »

The Nip

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I heard Z make a charmed exclamation, and spotted the cause as he said, ‘That should make some good blog fodder.’ And it does! She was so cute, and her eyes so big, and I just want to bury my face in that belly. There’s even a short video, which I might well chuck onto Facebook. Because cats. 😀 Had… Read more »

The Weight

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Mum read an article last week about weighted blankets, had we heard of them? Well yeah. *laughs* She said she wanted to buy us a pair because she thought it might help us get better sleep. I mean… not saying no; these things aren’t exactly cheap. I’ve heard great things about them from my other neurodivergent friends, so we’ll see… Read more »