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R and her husband are here for Friendsgiving. We have played the requisite Drawful, and have just finished cramming food in assorted faces. Z did a fantastic job as usual, and I definitely ate too much. I’ll find room for a pie though hopefully, since R made and brought one with her. *says goodbye* So yeah, a good day, as… Read more »

Sock Party!

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Yes, I finished the pair I was on. Which means that I have, of course, already picked another pattern and caked up the next skein of wool to get the next pair started, hee hee. I’m slightly annoyed because these came up a tiny bit bigger than my other pairs, so not quite as snug. The fit is still more… Read more »

Pure Joy

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I have said in the past of our love of all things stationary. So needing to replace our old shredder was a thing of happy rather than a pain in the ass. I was also pleasantly surprised that we were able to find a better replacement for, I’m pretty sure, less than the outgoing one costs my in-laws 5+ years… Read more »

Inordinately Pleased

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Even though we have a foot-powered can press, I’ve fallen out of habit of using it. Call me old, but the bending and the up and down were wearing on me. So I started half-assedly hand crushing, and then after a bit, my hands remembered how to do it right. So of course, I’m overly pleased with my ‘accomplishment’, only… Read more »

Little Wanderer

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((of course, referring to the most excellent Death Cab for Cutie song)) But yes, willingly went out of doors. I had an idea of what I wanted for lunch, but I had neither Italian dressing, or the white vinegar to try and make my own. So I went to the Post Office… which had neither. But at least it was… Read more »

Progress Shot

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La, there is a sock. And a half. I’m making good progress on my row goal for the day, and will probably exceed it, considering that it’s several hours earlier than I thought it was. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to how early it gets dark in the autumn/winter, even if I am mainly okay with. For example,… Read more »

Ready to Party

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One of Smaller’s classmates had a birthday party today, so this was prepping the card. She drew a little picture of a person with, I think, a magic wand, and then finished up with her signature. She’s been able to sign her name for ages now, but it’s finally starting to look like a signature rather than an abstract shape…. Read more »