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Never Ending Knit Equation

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I have done next to bugger all today, which really, perfection. I’ve done a little work on the cardi, like finishing sewing the seams and waving in the ends. I’ve even got the hood part through the fiddly starting bits! But then, there’s like, nine inches of hood to make, which isn’t quite the same size as the cardi itself,… Read more »

In the House

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Visitors! Fun! Et cetera! I took a turn feeding the young master, because he’s cute, and because it’s nice to be able to to help out friends with their progeny.  I think my girls have been bemused to see me go into full babeh-squishing mode. It’s also a bit of a delight that the gap between Smaller and babeh is… Read more »

It’s Golden

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The new polishes arrive bright and early yesterday morning, which meant that I could take them for a test run. Here’s a picture with a bit of the gold, which is growing on me. At first it seemed some weird combination of matte and shimmer, but the more I look at it, the less matte it seems. But also, that’s… Read more »


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I’ve topped off a satisfactory day ‘at the office’ with a lovely bath. And it’s warm enough (20C/69F) that my hair is drying out in record time. Yeah yeah, I know that temp shouldn’t count as warm with the whole having come from Texas thing, but it runs warm here. *chuckles* Whatever the case, my head feels nice and fresh,… Read more »


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I had £8 precisely in discretionary spending to spend — so of course, I was obligated to spend it on the nail polish offer that was that exact price. I don’t think that I own anything in gold, so this is gonna be sweet. There was one problem though — my Paypal account was acting up. I was getting a… Read more »

More or Less

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My face looks tired; this is more or less what makes sense after being up so late last night. Eurovision was a good time, and I didn’t have any particular problems getting to sleep after. I’m definitely dragging today, but as I’m not in actual physical pain from exhaustion, I am calling it a victory. I’m glad that I’ve got… Read more »

She Wasn’t Impressed

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Poison was curled up in a ball nestled into a pillow left on the couch. Since she was just on the edge of the blanket, I figured I’d annoy her by tucking her in. She gave me weird looks and meowed half-complaints for two minutes, and then removed herself from the silliness. Honestly, I was impressed she tolerated it for… Read more »