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Still Spring

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I ended up doing my hands two different colours today, since both in my last order were perfectly springy. And the weather today is also perfectly springy; it had a good balance of warm and chill and fresh and. Loves it. Past that, the day has mainly been sitting around doing little and feeling a bit crap. I’ve hit one… Read more »


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My desk is always at a state of war with itself. This is what I would consider to be mainly tolerable, if only because it’s mainly shoved behind Baby (which is the nickname the laptop in the picture has). But really, it’s more a ‘here is a picture, I don’t have anything to say today’. Which is fine! Means I’ve… Read more »

Mildly Surprised

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When it comes to crochet, I usually get really bored rather quickly. It’s not that knitting isn’t repetitive; it’s in part that I can knit without looking. I can’t say the same of crochet for some reason. Oddly enough, crocheting a bit slower than my normal pace is making the whole prospect less of a drama. I don’t know how… Read more »

Well Then

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So uuuh, I thought so hard today that I’m in physical pain? *laughs* I think I must have been holding myself in a rigid position while working today, and not noticed it because my focus was on and then some.  Depending on whether or not D got to the one account I chucked his way today, we’re pretty much done… Read more »

Cat, Stop

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Today I learned that it’s possible to be harassed by a cat to the point where one almost succumbs to an anxiety attack… I wish I was exaggerating here. Batman spent a solid couple of hours hovering around me wanting attention, and like. Am I dying or something? Cat. Stop. Go awaaaay. Having said that, Z figured it out and… Read more »

Eventually Mine

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Some nail polish I ordered what feels like forever ago finally arrived. It’s pretty and I look forward to getting it on my fingers in the next couple of days. Well. I think it was about 2 weeks ago I ordered it? I’d won the £5 credit draw two Wednesdays back, and ordered my pretties asap. She’s only shipping on… Read more »


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I was pleased this morning; the adaptor I needed for my monitor came in a day early. Z even had it swapped out for me before I swanned downstairs for the day. Happy face? Yes, definitely happy face. I’m back in my game of The Witcher 3 along with the other things I’m doing, so. Woo. Etc. Past that, it’s been… Read more »

Free Samples

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I made a quick effort to dump out some of the toy kits into a bag… it’s a full bag, and I know I have oodles of other toy kits around. Ah well. *laughs* I’ve finished the gray I was working on yesterday and joined on some yellow; it’s starting to feel less awkward now that I’m getting stuck back… Read more »

Wool and Some

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Socks: done. Yarn picked out for next socks: done. Progress on scrap blanket: existent. I had hoped that it had been long enough since I’d worked on the scrap blanket that I wouldn’t be bored picking it back up… oh, how rose-tinted things can be, ha ha. It’s boring, it’s heavy, and it’s warm. It’s thankfully a smidge cool, so… Read more »

Pretty Little Pansies

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I’m not absolutely sure why I love pansies, but I do. I can only surmise it has something to do with being a fan of Alice in Wonderland as far back as I can remember. I really need to read through both books of Alice at some point… it’s been much too long. Today has mainly been a frustrating struggle to… Read more »