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So far, so good on the Christmas front; I even got a hug from the teenager, le gasp. That’s a pretty good present by any reckoning. It’s only sliiiightly topped by what Z got me — a pen rack/organiser, ha ha. I love my pens, and so does he. That’s why I got him a pen, in its own little case, with the logo of his favourite football team on it.

((the whole love language concept is bunk, but in this house, stationary is indeed love))

So yeah, tick tick, kids liked their presents, Z and I have been chilling doing our things. He’s picking up Mum right now, so dinner is forthcoming. There’s also a million good shows on tonight, though we’ve already discussed it, and will put several of them on tomorrow instead. Organised, that’s us, honest. *laughs*

What else… not a lot, really. Have a very healthy fun money pot again, so will have to think if there’s anything in particular I want. They’ll be yarn buying at some point to keep me in sock yarn, but I still have plenty that I’m working through right now. I have store money that I’m planning on spending on some jewellery making stuff, but we’ll see about that when I’m in the right frame of mind.


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