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Really, it’s just a picture of Vivi and Halo, but it pleased me that they had their little faces next to each other in the window of their play nap tube. What can I say, I’m an easily amused cat mom.

Not a lot going on, as befits this time of year. Even though I do my best to practice self-care, I’m feeling exhausted and in need of the time off. Hopefully it will be enough. I guess I’m just feeling the passing of time with this week having gone by very quickly, in spite of not doing a lot of anything. Rude, innit.

What else… headaches galore, one of which last night was distracting me from getting to sleep. That’s a new one, heh. I’ll definitely be making sure to time my consumption of pain relief to make sure it’s covering the getting to sleep period, even if it means kind of hunkering down and bearing it for a bit. Bodies, they win no design awards. *chuckles*


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