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Blanket Monster

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Today, I did an excellent job of being a blanket monster. I didn’t have any reason to leave the house, and had every reason to be curled up in my chair, so I opted for style and comfort. I didn’t end up being as productive work-wise as I had hoped for, but that’s fine too. In numbers it looked worse… Read more »


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I have to preface with saying that yes, cinnamon rolls happened, but my dumbass left the oven on half the day before I was reminded that the oven was on. Whups. But at least they did happen, and were well received by the fam (and I got to eat most of them anyways <__<). Today has been a laid back… Read more »

Let’s Play ‘Spot the Spider’

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He’s in there somewhere. I decided not to indicate where he was in case anyone was arachnophobic; he blends in well enough that it’s otherwise a nice picture of a random bit of outside. No, if I had wanted to put a spider in your face, I would have put up the picture of the dead one I found in… Read more »

Love Is (Edible)

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Last night, Z sent me a link to something he was thinking of buying. I said yes, and that’s why we have a freaking display rack of 200 Chupa Chups in the house. I mean, come on, what could be cooler? And he did the math and it comes in at about 12 pence a lolly, so it’s good value… Read more »

Joining the In Crowd

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Smallhausen inherited my love of having painted nails. She loves it so much that she actually sits still and patiently waits for the nails to dry, and has since the first time I did her nails. In fact, I don’t think she was much older than Littlerbit here. So I wasn’t completely surprised when Littler tromped down the stairs, saw… Read more »


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I looked up earlier today and spotted Poison bathing herself most assiduously, so of course I had to take a million pictures of it due to cute factor. I think this was actually the first one, which met the criteria of ‘lots of flashing tongue’.  But like, so cute.  Add in that she was pretty quiet today, and that was… Read more »

Click Click

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One of my least redeeming features is when my anxiety pushes past the point of reason. There is a very good chance that I will start screaming and throwing things and just generally flipping out because of the level of mental and physical distress it puts me in. Between a needy toddler and a shouty cat, I kind of started… Read more »

The Not-Quite Faceplant

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I was feeling the brain fog hard this morning. Like, it took me over half an hour of blinking before I could get my body moving out of bed. I felt a bit bad about it ’cause Z had to get Smallhausen to school, and there I was, unintentionally taking my sweet time. Hopefully I’ll feel more human after the… Read more »

Simple Joys

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Today was one of those days where I felt like I was being productive. I got my writing done fairly tidily, I got work done, I saw myself and the kiddo fed.  It might be the same-old same old, but I’m going to celebrate every single day I can manage it. Littlerbit was waffling between not-Lego-ing and drawing; you can… Read more »


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That’s der-fach-che to you, ha ha. I had a lack of pictures on my phone, so I figured I’d take a silly selfie. After all, people are more likely to read things in if there’s some sort of picture right? <__< Today has been one of those days where I have negative focus. I couldn’t get my head into work… Read more »