No Comments on Self-Declared

The girls were complaining earlier that they were feeling a bit cold, so I let them borrow my arm warmers. Add in the cat hat Z found when cleaning yesterday, and Smalls was declaring herself a smaller version of me. I smile, though I’m quick to point out to her that while we share some similar facial features (especially around the eyes), she’s definitely her own person. Having said that, she was extra cute and I kept annoying her by looking at her. *grins*

I normally take Mondays off, but I decided that I’m going to work this week for the most part. I was pleased and amused that Z came to the same conclusion on what I’d do independently of myself. While we are both very much our own people, there’s a lot of things that we tend to overlap on. It’s a good balance, really, and leaves us room to find out random things about each other even this far on in our relationship. Of course, some of that is ’cause my brain sucks at taking in things being said at me, but still. <__<

Right, gonna go zone out and knit. Dord!


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