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Ticking Along

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Today came with a wintry near surprise — there was like, two flakes of snow. I tried to get a picture, but it was too dark for my phone to catch anything. It’s supposed to precipitate more overnight, but whether it’s snow or whether it’s rain… well, that’s up to the weather deities to sort out. 🙂 Today’s picture comes… Read more »

Gray on Gray

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While most of my dialecticals have long since switched to nearly Pure British™®, I prefer the spelling of gray with an a. I think that’s in part due to Americans who use the e spelling normally being snotty knobheads, ha ha. But I figured it was the most apt description of this picture — they gray of the sky above… Read more »

Yeah, Sure

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Today’s picture comes to you compliments of driving through the town centre yesterday, and trying to get a picture of the Christmas decorations on the light posts. It was still too light at the time to get a good picture, but you can sort of get the squiggly idea there on the right-hand side. Today, I had a co-pilot all… Read more »

Oh No, Beta!

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This is, of course, a Simpsons reference. It’s been going through my head since Z told me yesterday that our new car was going to be a Ford B-Max. And lo, here it is. It’s not the best picture because it was dark by the time that we got home, but you get the idea. It’s a car, it has… Read more »

Unimpressed AF

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One of the goodies R & C brought yesterday was a beanbag chair for the girls. They had brought it on a previous occasion, but forgot about it until after they had left. I had shoved it onto the couch because Z and I were looking for something, and Poison made very clear that she wasn’t impressed with such a… Read more »

Friendsgiving 2017

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While we do our Thanksgiving dinner with R and her husband, and she too is an ex-pat, I prefer to think of it in the British preferred approach to the holiday, which is Friendsgiving. It’s an excuse to get together and eat, which is the basis of most of our organised social events, but I guess it pleases me to… Read more »

Where the Paintwork Ends

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The roadworks in the village are proceeding nicely. The road is repaved to the end of our street, so that makes it less fussy to get in and out (or would if we had a working car, more on that in a mo). They had only done the road painting to that point when I was doing the school run,… Read more »

Nearly Party Time

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Tonight is the group meal for the Thursday knitting group. I’m looking forward to it, even if I have to surrender control to the rest of the world due to the car still being in need of repair. Mind, I trust J and E just fine on getting a lift there, and I don’t even mind the thought of having… Read more »

The Thing is Did! Done!

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Today, I officially am caught up on work. So unless Z needs me to do something tomorrow, I’ll check things over again on Friday and that’ll do for the week. It’s a relief to be back to this point, and hopefully I can keep it up. We’ll see. December shouldn’t be too bad, but January… well. In less celebratory news,… Read more »

Jog On

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One of the annoying things in circular knitting is jogging. And no, not that jogging I avoid like the plague, but rather, stripes that don’t line up. There are a couple of different methods that are supposed to help eliminate the worst of that, and I applied one here when I changed colours. I’m only a few rows into the… Read more »