Friendsgiving 2017

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While we do our Thanksgiving dinner with R and her husband, and she too is an ex-pat, I prefer to think of it in the British preferred approach to the holiday, which is Friendsgiving. It’s an excuse to get together and eat, which is the basis of most of our organised social events, but I guess it pleases me to put it a step even further from the sanitised, anti-native version that we’re raised upon back in the USA.

It’s been a proper chill day though. R is crocheting, I’m knitting, and for the most part we’re making a good effort at not moving. I’m all about not moving, because weekend. We exchanged our Christmas gifts, so we all got a little bit of early goodness. R got me The Broken Earth trilogy after I expressed enjoyment of the first book, which she had let me borrow. I’m tempted to get stuck into the other two and put my Obernewtyn re-read on the back burner again. I’m enjoying re-reading it, don’t get me wrong, but new books in my hot little hands. It’s hard to resist.

Right, signing off.


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