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Today’s picture comes to you compliments of driving through the town centre yesterday, and trying to get a picture of the Christmas decorations on the light posts. It was still too light at the time to get a good picture, but you can sort of get the squiggly idea there on the right-hand side.

Today, I had a co-pilot all day, and will again tomorrow too. Which is to say, Littler was home sick. She did her best to stay put and rest, and the few cuddle-to-nap sessions came with executive picking up (aka, walked over there and scooped her up instead of making her walk, ooh la la). The real question now is whether or not I am going to have two children. Smalls started with a bit of a hacking cough earlier, but that’s been able it. She’s not particularly cranky or exhausted, so she should be fine for tomorrow. We’ll see. Honestly, as long as I manage to get some sort of bathing experience in (still pining for a proper bath ><), then that’s the main thing that needs doing before going out tomorrow. 🙂

Ah yes, and I’ve got kid duty tonight. Z has his meeting, so I’ll have to herd the little ones to bed. I don’t mind. I dodge on reading them bedtime stories (reading children’s books out loud hurts my throat for some weird reason) but I love tucking them in and giving them cuddles. They are awesome little people on the whole and I’m glad for being able to interact with them in the ways that I actually can.

I guess that’s about it. Back to zoning out-y things.


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