Gray on Gray

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While most of my dialecticals have long since switched to nearly Pure British™®, I prefer the spelling of gray with an a. I think that’s in part due to Americans who use the e spelling normally being snotty knobheads, ha ha. But I figured it was the most apt description of this picture — they gray of the sky above the gray of the school, perfectly capturing the autumnal descent into winter (oooh la la, etc).

Littler spent another day at home, and might well tomorrow as well. We’ll play that by ear, and like her teacher said — the main point is to get her feeling all better before next week. Next week, she stars in her class nativity as one of the three wise men — no random zebra or penguin for her! It’s a silly thing to feel pride in because come on, nursery class, but it’s pretty neat nonetheless. Small’s class is doing something different. I know she’s supposed to go in PJs, slippers, and take a soft toy. She’s also mentioned something about that really annoying LMAO song that she likes and I don’t, which… at least we only have to sit through one showing of it? xD

Once I got the little one down for a nap, I decided I was going to risk a full bath. It’s probably more than fine, but I loath the idea of having to go on a course of antibiotics if I get an infection. But like, even if it wasn’t a proper scalding soak, it was nice to get that all over clean feeling that a wash jug doesn’t quite match. I needed that, especially considering that it’s chilly today and a jug bath was going to leave me shivering until I broke into tiny pieces. I don’t know that I necessarily feel any better for it, but I certainly don’t feel any worse All that remains to make me feel mainly human before going out tonight will be chucking some co-codamol down my facehole in the hopes it takes the edge off the current unpleasant headache thing.

Right, been sitting here for 15 minutes to see if my brain gave me anything else to work with and it hasn’t, so I’m off.


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