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One of the goodies R & C brought yesterday was a beanbag chair for the girls. They had brought it on a previous occasion, but forgot about it until after they had left. I had shoved it onto the couch because Z and I were looking for something, and Poison made very clear that she wasn’t impressed with such a large object potentially obstructing her ability to get up and down from the couch… potentially.

Z spent today out with his parents. The tl;dr is that we are buying a new-to-us car, and trading in the old one. That’s actually part of why the beanbag was on the couch — we were trying to find our filecase with all of our important documents, and even though we were 99% sure it wasn’t in here, getting such a big object off of the floor to enable better looking around was important. He’s still not found the one thing that he needs, but worst comes to worst, it’s something that we can order from the DVLA to replace. It’s a nuisance, but it’s not the end of the world.

Otherwise, I’ve been poking at my dragons on Flight Rising, Pokemonning, knitting — the usual. With Flight Rising I’m trying to slowly buy dragons to round out my elements and specie, as well as making a point to get them decent at the coliseum. I’ve got one team that’s pretty good, and the rest will probably need varying degrees of resetting and re-skilling now that I have a better idea of what I am doing.

Beyond that, just laughing at the bits of z0mg weather! that I see out of the corner of my eye while doing other netly things. It’s just been kind of hilarious panic about snow and ice and like… we’re in the south, it’s not cold enough for those things yet. I would love to see some snow, and I hope that we get some this year… but we’ll see that when it happens, if it happens. 🙂


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