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I came to a conclusion earlier today on how to take care of my toy kit solution. I’ve decided that any of the kits that I don’t really want to do, I’ll strip out and use the wool towards my scrap blanket. I’ve got a mini-skein of fluffy stuff added on right now, and I tentatively would like to see… Read more »

Expansion Plans

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On the whole, my desk setup is pretty awesome. I make good use of the space above and below, and it definitely fits the nickname of Technonest… except for one thing. Baby? And her predecessor? It’s a random not-spot for the wifi. Z checked and it *should* be getting a reasonable signal, but no dice. I proposed to him yesterday… Read more »

Not Amused

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The box of tissues is not really representative of today’s state, no. In actuality, it’s been my throat today. The upside of trying to soothe it means that I’ve had more hydration than I have the last couple of days, so… bright side of a crap thing? I need to go acquire more water here in a minute ’cause my… Read more »

Slice of Life

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Smalls was feeling poorly today, so she ended up staying home with me. And she did a good job of staying curled up on the couch resting. I’m sure that I let her chain episodes of Horrid Henry helped keep her in situ, ha ha. She poked at Fortnite briefly with Z, and has since headed upstairs to rest a bit more…. Read more »

The Finest Aesthetic

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Yes, cats sleeping know what the true meaning of life is. I should have probably considered taking a wee nap myself in the face of the head cold, but ah well. Hopefully it’ll be put mainly to bed by a night’s sleep. Probably not, considering the shape of what Z and Littler went through, but hope springs eternal (and then… Read more »

The Good Things

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Today has been gaming, with a smidge of knitting. Knock on wood, Diablo III has been stable, which means actually playable. I get really put out when it drops me, which is dumb. It’s not like its predecessor where your map stayed the same in solo mode, and I’ve mainly gotten over my need to map every nook and cranny. That’s… Read more »


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I have stuck true to my remit today, and done nothing of import. Having said that, I *will* have to fold some laundry, but that should be fine. After all, that’s a little bit of work compared to quality gaming and knitting. But yes, knitting! I haven’t done a lot of it this past couple of weeks. I’ve been focused… Read more »

It Happened Eventually

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We woke up to find that a bit of snow had accumulated overnight, and that it was still falling. It didn’t last  very long in the scheme of things, and has mainly gone away since the morning, but it was nice to see it for the bit that we could. There might be a smidge again overnight, but if it… Read more »

Texas Snow

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Back when I was a kid in Texas, *ANYTHING* vaguely white on the ground counted as snow. While I wouldn’t say the same now, it still made me smile when I poked my head out this morning. It’s thawed for the moment, but we’re supposed to get more freezing shortly, so. Suffices to say, I’m not gonna walk in the… Read more »