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Black Screen of Infinite Waiting

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I decided that today was going to be the day I sucked it up and got the latest Windows feature update downloaded onto all of my computers. It went super-fast on Baby because hey, her OS drive is an SSD. My desktop is currently in black screen purgatory, so I’m keeping my main laptop waiting until that sorts itself out…. Read more »

Sunshine, Clawlipops…

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Yeah okay, this is probably a piss poor effort at a subject line, but it’s late and I hadn’t realised how late it was. *chuckles* This was one of a series of pictures I took of  Batman this morning, ’cause he’s cute. And because Seanan McGuire likes cat pictures, and if I can give something back to my current favourite… Read more »

Taste of Time

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I was using my Sonic Spork to transfer some clock charms into a bag for background colour in a picture, and figured — why not take a picture of me eating time. So yanno, here you go — vaguely inspired. *chuckles* I’ve not done super much today, sticking to the plan of ‘moving is overrated’. It’s been a good one,… Read more »

Nearly There

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I decided to go ahead and cast off and call my little swatch of crochet done. I think it should be more than big enough for photographic purposes. If not, well… it’s not like it takes *that* long to crochet. I ended up pulling back a few rows and rebuilding because, as you can probably spot, I’d accidentally started decreasing… Read more »

It’s Not Red, But…

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… but it IS a Swingline, and it IS mine. I had it out to reinforce the box I keep the stitch markers in, because I split it with card dividers, and I wanted to try and give them a bit more grounding against the box. I don’t know if it really worked, or if it’s because it’s taped within… Read more »

Sure, Sure

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We had a bag of FREE WOOL to pick through at knitting last night. I like when this happens, because free wool aside, one can often tell what sort of knitter the person clearing out their stash is. I had no idea in this case. There was a bunch of odds and sods and like, almost nothing that actually still… Read more »

Yes, Good

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It’s been a good day, all told. Work got vaguely worked, but mainly, I got to bask in cool weather and my children playing with each other. And what delights me is that their imaginary games sidewise includes me, whether or not I want it. Not that I’m complaining either! It meant hugs and giggles, and what parent is going… Read more »

And Chill

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It’s been a bit chilly all day — and I chuffing love it. I’m feeling it a bit harder right now ’cause I’ve had a hot bath, and my hair is still wet. But like, it’s giving me all the reasons to snuggle up in my bathrobe, so I am noooot complaining. It’s been a productive day so far, I… Read more »

Building, Rebuilding

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It’s been a busy day, and the shape of it has been as such that my brain keeps trying to think it’s the weekend. I woke up and had a quick bath, because we had a playdate scheduled and I wanted to be freshened up for it. Of course, the girls didn’t know that was coming until it did, ha… Read more »


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Here’s a better picture of what my photo setup looks like. I don’t have any of the lights on for demonstration, but you get the idea. I think that the photos are coming along fairly nicely, but of course, I’m also paranoid and overthinking it as well. Still, I’m glad I’m doing it, and it has me revisiting and remaking… Read more »