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No, That Blue

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I’ve spent a good chunk of my waking hours in the past 24 hours sorting beads. Beads beads beads. And that included sorting out the two blues in the picture. I think that they’re a bit more obvious with the extra light the picture itself provided, but it’s still a lot of crossed eyes and comparing back and forth. I’m… Read more »

Spake the Flowers

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Etsy got me out of the house for the first time in a wee bit, which was nice. The weather is pleasant, the flowers are beautiful, and that helps bring me back closer to the black, hee hee. I fell for free shipping at Beads Unlimited and restocked on some seed beads,  I don’t quite know yet what I am… Read more »

Looking Up

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With all the random photos I include of my desk, I couldn’t remember whether or not I’d posted the above view. So yanno, voila, c’est ici, etc. Some of it is random stuff I put up, while most of it is things that the girls have made. It all makes me smile, whatever the case. Also making me smile this… Read more »


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I love painting my nails. I’ve spent ungodly amounts of money on good polish in the past half a year, though most of that came out of birthday/Christmas/year end bonus monies (and I’ve been supplementing my addiction by doing a few surveys). Besides generally making me happy, it also helps my brain be tricked into letting me have some nail… Read more »

Keep It Growing

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Whelp, totally forgot to check in here last night — sorry about that. I messaged my sister back in our hometown because we were super overdue for a Skype call, and got a sister twofer. So that was nice, circumstances considering. We talked for something like two and a half hours, and it was gone in seconds. I love the… Read more »


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figured I’d share an update on the current blanket effort. Crochet always grows faster than knitting, but sometimes I’m surprised by it. I’m also surprised that I’m not bored yet, but I’m not complaining about that either. Beyond that, playing some Evil Genius, and doing as little as possible. I’m still feeling wiped from yesterday, so. At least I got some… Read more »


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Today was the village VE Day picnic — social distancing style. I’m all sorts of snoozy from being out in the sun for a couple of hours, lemme tell you. There were less people out in our street than we’d hoped to see, but the neighbours were there as promptly as we were, and between them and visitors to the… Read more »

Such a Bother

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I wish bathing and washing my hair wasn’t such a chore. I feel better after, albeit more tired. Like, can you bottle the feeling of clean hair and just roll around in it? Naw like, not shampoo, ha ha. But yeah, had to get myself up to ‘normal passing’ standards. Thursday clapping usually dovetails into Thursdays standing outside and chatting… Read more »


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Today’s photo comes compliments of Z, pointing his camera pretty much directly behind his head, which is where Poison normally can be found. She’s not usually mugging that hard with the loot llama though, so I couldn’t resist using it for tonight’s picture. There isn’t really anything to report. I got to sleep a smidge easier last night, so that… Read more »

Right Meow

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Y’all, time got away from me, but I’m here. Somewhere. *laughs* We were watching The Rise of Skywalker for the first time at home, and I definitely like it better when I can sit in my own space and watch it with captions. And now we’re watching the extras, because Disney+ has that hookup the same as buying the actual DVD…. Read more »