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So yeah, I had to pull out my knitting yesterday and start over. I’ve been busting hump on it today, and I’m about halfway through making up what I had to undo. My arms feel a combination of beefy and sore from wrasslin’ with chunky wool, but I’m (knock on wood) not doing myself too bad a damage. It’s hard to say because my back has been pinging a bit the last couple of days, so. But it hasn’t much today. *shrugs*

I’ve otherwise accomplished nothing, and that’s fine by me. It’s Sunday, after all. Sitting on my backside and doing nothing is what the day is made for. Well that, and half-assedly watching football. It’s the Women’s Euros, and it’s good background noise. I’ll probably pay slightly more attention to the 7:45pm match, as that’s England vs France. We’ve done really well so far in the competition, and I’m hoping we make it all the way. I am bemused, however, that I’m supposed to be impressed by the ¬£16 million~ investment made in the women’s team, and how that’s one of the largest in the competition. The lack of parity between men’s sport and women’s sport is just… insulting. I’m glad they’re getting more money though. They’re a great team and with a bit of investment, they can be even better.

Aw crap, I do have a chore to do — refilling my pillbox. Besta get a start on that.


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