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Turn It Around

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So yeah, I had to pull out my knitting yesterday and start over. I’ve been busting hump on it today, and I’m about halfway through making up what I had to undo. My arms feel a combination of beefy and sore from wrasslin’ with chunky wool, but I’m (knock on wood) not doing myself too bad a damage. It’s hard… Read more »

My Attempt at an Angry Face

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Yeah, not really sure that it looks angry… mildly concerned, maybe? But I am pretty upset right now. The tl;dr is that bat’s sister is turfing her out and making her sell her home. There are reasons for it, but I still feel that bat is getting royally screwed to fulfil an agenda his sister has been pushing for years…. Read more »

Done and Done

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Today, I finished the hat. Did the knitting, did the sewing, and called it done. Wound up the wool, and found that have more than enough to do a second one. I guess that’s going to make it easier to fulfil EK’s request, hee hee (that is, if she’s happy with the pink <3). I noted a Facebook friend comment… Read more »

This is What a Feminist Looks Like

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When I was younger, I was very much like many young women. I ‘wasn’t like the other girls’. I wasn’t a feminist for [[insert reason here]]. I’d been soured on the concept by the militancy I perceived of the movement in the media growing up… which, to be fair, was always going to be unflattering at best, seeing how it… Read more »

Penis of Infinite Wisdom +5. Oh, Wait… ¬¬

  What is it about having a dick that makes some men such know-it-alls? Is it that their egos are as fragile as their junk? But then, the general fragility of that side of the gender means that ‘my’ side (-ish, being genderqueer) gets treated like all emotions stem from a wandering, hysterical uterus a la Freudian claims. We’re not… Read more »