My Attempt at an Angry Face

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Yeah, not really sure that it looks angry… mildly concerned, maybe? But I am pretty upset right now. The tl;dr is that bat’s sister is turfing her out and making her sell her home. There are reasons for it, but I still feel that bat is getting royally screwed to fulfil an agenda his sister has been pushing for years. If a Trump administration wasn’t likely to kill my BFFFFF, this very well might be the final bit. I just. I don’t know. So angry, so upset. Besides being my BFFFFF and sister, bat is a part of my soul. Like, I’ve always considered him a soulmate, and I don’t relish losing someone that important to me. So yanno, pray if you’re a praying sort, think good thoughts otherwise. If a donation link becomes apparent, you betcha I will be posting it everywhere.

I’ve been posting a lot today on Facebook, and I’m actually surprised that nobody has unfriended me yet. Most of it has had to do with the Women’s March this weekend, and trying to reach out and educate those who feel that the March didn’t speak for them. I get that privilege is an awkward thing to accept, especially if you’re like me and came from a place of low privilege. I still benefited from race though, and I am so freaking privileged now that I make myself count my blessings on the near-daily. It’s not enough though; I am trying my best to seek out perspectives from WOC (women of colour), because I want my feminism to be intersectional and inclusive instead of being all TERF-y and gross. As I saw on a protest march sign — white feminism is white racism, and it’s true. I can do better. And even if I’m doing good, I can do better. That’s part of self-improvement — always wanting to do better.

Right, I’mma scoot. I’ve got some knitting and gaming to do. 😉


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