Week Two

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I realised this morning that it’s the second week of summer break. With everyone home last week, I’d sort of forgotten we were on summer break somehow. Not that it mattered much — Z went to work, and the girls and I hung out here doing our own things. It mainly went well, and I even got the girls to help me do a bit of tidying. The house is still a disaster area, but even a bag of rubbish getting taken out makes a difference.

Speaking of disaster, Littler has been having a very accident prone day today. For example, I’ve had to remind her repeatedly that her head isn’t stronger than the wall. She also, a few minutes ago, fell off the couch arm face first and cut up her lip. She really wasn’t happy about that, and our floor is parquet (wood) under a throw rug. It’s not exactly yielding. But give her an ice cube and a bit of Calpol, and she’s back to her old self. Z got the cut cleaned up and tended to as soon as she fell, so Smalls and I played nurse and made it a family affair. Gonna say though, feel like I’m really earning my root beer tonight, ha ha.

But yes, doing our own things, and as the picture implies, I did a bit of knitting, and a bit of Pokemon. I didn’t do as much knitting as yesterday, but I didn’t exactly want to crap out my back either. Well, and children needed cuddling and tending to as well, hee hee. They’re a good ‘distraction’.

Ahahah, speaking of distraction, the news just broke that Scaramucci is out of the White House. He made it a grand total of 10 days, which has to be some record for shortest serving communications director. I guess even Trump was put off by the aggrandizing, since it wasn’t coming from himself.

Right, I should probably herd children upstairs to bed.


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