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Smallhausen inherited my love of having painted nails. She loves it so much that she actually sits still and patiently waits for the nails to dry, and has since the first time I did her nails. In fact, I don’t think she was much older than Littlerbit here. So I wasn’t completely surprised when Littler tromped down the stairs, saw her sister’s hands, saw mine, and decided she wanted in on the action. I was well impressed with her. She listened carefully when I explained what she would have to do, cooperated in keeping still, sat with her hands on the floor to let them dry, etc. And Smalls helped out by making sure they had a tablet to watch while she was waiting.

tl;dr, ack, my heart, so cute. Now, if only she’d quit acting like a tiny daredevil! <3

Still, it was a good day. Cuddles were had, and I got some work-work done. That’s pretty much all I’m asking for on a workweek day, yanno? Well, I would have liked for them to get outside for a bit of a play, but it started raining the second we stepped outside. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow they can have a lightsaber battle on the trampoline. Aww yiss, they know how to party.

And us old people partying… haha. We’re changing mobile providers, because that’s what party people do. We barely use our mobiles, but we actually found a plan that is a better deal than our occasional pay as you go top-ups, so why not. It’s not like it requires changing numbers or anything. I thanked Z for being the sort of person who chases up money-saving deals like that, ’cause I admire it. Executive dysfunction means that I recognise it’s a good thing to do, but it’s generally outside my range of can-do (and even more so when it means using a dratted phone).

I guess that’s about it for now.


2 thoughts on “Joining the In Crowd

  1. Evil Kitteh

    Always happy to have my nails painted too since I was about 16. Slow to the party but always try to paint them if I can.

    1. Raeyn Post author

      I used to do it daily in high school, but the Air Force limited me to too boring a palette to ever want to do my nails. So I’ve been slow in getting back to it. I also can’t do it when Z is home ’cause it messes with his breathing. I also tend to chip the crap out of it, no matter how fancy the polish, because I’m She-Hulk and smash everything. xD


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