Back to the Start Again

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Start? End? Middle? I’m really not sure what the right descriptor word is in this situation, ha ha. The point is I’ve caught up on what I messed up on, and the only reason I’ve not gotten past that is that I’m feeling lazy about switching needles. Instead, I’m poking at Farm For Your Life, albeit on peaceful mode. It’s cute, definitely worth picking up on sale (and maybe not on sale).

I also managed to hit the end of the July year ends… in less than two days. D in the office is thrilled that we should have everything related to that wrapped up tomorrow. I feel sort of sheepish ’cause I kept having to ask for help, and had a minor meltdown. Like, sometimes anxiety happens to be so severe that it’s causing physical pain, and while I wouldn’t call it an anxiety attack per se… it was pretty rough for a few minutes before I managed to get myself calmed down. I reminded myself later in the day that I used to cause myself to have frequent nervous breakdowns by overworking myself, and to yanno, calm the fuck down and be a bit slower if it keeps the brain from exploding.

But still, proud of myself for starting to get what I consider properly fast at this part of the job. I told Z that I would like to help him and D by getting back into generating the accounts. I’m way out of practice, but I did it for long enough that it shouldn’t be too hard for me to get back into it. I like being able to take on more ‘real’ work, even if I like my normal drag quite well as well.

Right, I should get a drink and make that needle change happen.


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