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After a bit of fiddling to make hair and tail occur on my unicorn, I declared her completely done this morning. I had to stop knitting because my back and shoulders started aching. They’ve been really crappy all day, even with pain meds thrown at them. Knitting in chunky tends to bother it more than most other knitting, so I’ve… Read more »

All For Meeeeeeeeee

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I woke up this morning with Z coming upstairs to tell me that he was pre-sanctioning a Teeturtle purchase for me. He said it was made just for me as I blinked the grit out of my eyes, and he wrestled with his phone to show me. And lo, indeed, it’s made just for me, ha ha. Both Z and… Read more »

I Dream of Not Moving…

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So that is exactly what I am doing, in a freshly laundered bathrobe. This picture was from earlier; I’m sharing it ’cause I wanted to show off my latest Teeturtle purchase. I’m not usually a fan of motivational thingies, but 2016 was the year I became a unicorn, so it was incredibly relevant. But yes, home in a bathroom on… Read more »