I Dream of Not Moving…

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So that is exactly what I am doing, in a freshly laundered bathrobe. This picture was from earlier; I’m sharing it ’cause I wanted to show off my latest Teeturtle purchase. I’m not usually a fan of motivational thingies, but 2016 was the year I became a unicorn, so it was incredibly relevant.

But yes, home in a bathroom on a knitting night. I’ve been feeling gross all day, and even having thrown some co-codamol at it, I continue to feel rubbish. I discussed it with Z — I would have been fine there not moving, but the driving to and from presented a problem. I could have probably managed, but I’m a fan these days of taking care of myself and being prudent, rather than throwing all caution into the wind.


At this point I start to wonder if the new me-daily is feeling like I have the flu. It’s a common chronic fatigue symptom, but one that I’ve mainly had a light-ish dose of. Z has been feeling crap for months too as well, so who knows. I should probably suck it up and go to the doctor to make sure it’s not mono or something but. *waves hands* Spoons. I actually hit the point of negative spoons to the point that I forgot to order my meds in a timely fashion and ran out of one. Whups. That’s totally not me. I think I will probably be okay for the few days it will take to fill the order, but still, very careless.

So yeah, glad I stayed home, and not just because I have a new-to-me game to poke at. I’m currently playing Project Highrise, which is pretty much straight up my alley. Oh, I’m still enjoying Don’t Starve, but I wanted to take a break and fiddle with something a little more sit back and watch. Not having to think when one’s head is throbbing is good, dontcha know. Plus, I *did* manage a semi-productive work day and caring for the kid day in spite of feeling wretched, so I totally deserve to zone out. And you know what? Gonna get back to that now.


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