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Love is Mint

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There’s a certain sort of mint Turkish delight that my in-laws like, and one that’s somewhat difficult to get any of it due to how quickly it sells out in their candy shop of preference. They’d sent me a box via Z a few days ago, which made me smile. It also made me quip that it was the time… Read more »

All Shiny and New

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I awoke this morning to the sound of construction going on outside. I don’t know *why* exactly, but it made me smile. Why was loud noise gonna make me smile, ha ha. It turns out it was something to smile about — the new streetlights are going in. They’re LED and can be individually adjusted and all sorts of shiny… Read more »


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I realised this evening that Id’ not taken any of my pills today, so I took them all in one fell swoop. I might’ve felt like a rock star, but now I’ve got some heartburn going, ha ha. Or I probably bruised something on the way down. Suffices to say, I’m not impressed. *manages a few comforting burps* Still hurts,… Read more »

Flying Under the Radar

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I have… pretty much nothing to say today, ha ha. Like, I’m here, I’m alive, I think I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday? I sort of have my meds again, though the one I had run out came in the wrong dosage because they didn’t have the right one. I was instructed to just cut it in half to… Read more »

All For Meeeeeeeeee

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I woke up this morning with Z coming upstairs to tell me that he was pre-sanctioning a Teeturtle purchase for me. He said it was made just for me as I blinked the grit out of my eyes, and he wrestled with his phone to show me. And lo, indeed, it’s made just for me, ha ha. Both Z and… Read more »

I Dream of Not Moving…

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So that is exactly what I am doing, in a freshly laundered bathrobe. This picture was from earlier; I’m sharing it ’cause I wanted to show off my latest Teeturtle purchase. I’m not usually a fan of motivational thingies, but 2016 was the year I became a unicorn, so it was incredibly relevant. But yes, home in a bathroom on… Read more »

Doing This Early

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Somehow, I managed to miss taking my meds last night. And how horrible I feel reflects that starkly. I kept waking up every couple of minutes all night, and right now I feel hungover and sick. I expect that i will go to bed sooner rather than later, but or the second I am just trying to drag myself past… Read more »

My Night in Pictures

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The tl;dr is that I thought that my cold was getting better, and I was very wrong. *chuckles* Well. I accidentally managed to trigger the worst vertigo I have experienced since moving here by trying to pop my ears, and it’s a small miracle that: A.  I actually made it to the toilet, and B.  That I didn’t actually vomit… Read more »

My Day in as Many Words

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I… survived? Survived the day, somehow. The headache BS continues to persist, but at least the kiddos were pretty well behaved and not adding to my distress. Which is to say, nothing caught on fire, Littler got a nap, and I managed to get work-work done. Well, and more Pokémon, but that was a given. I further managed a bit… Read more »