Doing This Early

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Somehow, I managed to miss taking my meds last night. And how horrible I feel reflects that starkly. I kept waking up every couple of minutes all night, and right now I feel hungover and sick. I expect that i will go to bed sooner rather than later, but or the second I am just trying to drag myself past dinnertime at the absolute earliest. Z has been thusly informed and understands. Really though, more than a little bit sheepish with myself for not putting two and two together, and suffering the whole night through.

As you might have guessed, I’ve done a good job of not doing much of anything this morning. I’m bobbing between Minecraft, Craft the World, and Pokemon Moon while studiously ignoring my knitting. Well. I actually would like to work on my knitting, but I don’t trust my brain to be able to handle it at this time. Maybe I should pull out my crochet instead…

Right, I am going to go torture myself with a big glass of Hate Juice (aka, tonic water, ’cause toes are a bit crampy), and then resume trying to not do anything that requires my brain.


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