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Third Time?

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I have once again cast off on my effin’ pussyhat. I’m doubling up the alpaca on itself to give me a good thick rib, and I am going to either love it or burn it. xD Well, if one could get anything to burn today — it’s quite wet around here. I lucked out that it was dry during the… Read more »


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I have somehow survived another day home with the kids. Heh, that makes the situation sound a lot worse than it was. They’re good kids who love to play with each other, but I keep having this stupid persistent throbbing headache, and it doesn’t mesh well with boisterous babes. I pulled Smallhausen over at one point and gave her hugs… Read more »

Doing This Early

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Somehow, I managed to miss taking my meds last night. And how horrible I feel reflects that starkly. I kept waking up every couple of minutes all night, and right now I feel hungover and sick. I expect that i will go to bed sooner rather than later, but or the second I am just trying to drag myself past… Read more »

De Nada

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Today was a spectacularly do-nothing day. Like, I finally unpacked the few bits still hanging out in my suitcase from a few weeks ago.  That’s seriously it, ha ha. Well, continuing HeartGold, and knitting, and a bit of Minecraft too. I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday, I think. I know that I was dragging my butt because Littlerbit tucked… Read more »

Tacos Tacos Tacos

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On Tuesday, I got the hankering for tacos in the explosive, tweeting TACOSTACOSTACOS (etc) sort of way. I was amused, and for once, my brain was happy to try and put that into action. Well, it helped that Z had some chicken breasts to hand, as I wanted to try my hand at crockpot chicken taco filling. So then, a… Read more »


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Here, have some pictures. First things first, the girls slept the night through together. It wasn’t the most auspicious start because Littlerbit gets shrieky at being ‘abandoned’, but after initial drama, she was in bed until her sister woke up this morning. Can I saw awesome, or awesome? I’m fervently hoping that we see a repeat tonight, so fingers crossed… Read more »