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On Tuesday, I got the hankering for tacos in the explosive, tweeting TACOSTACOSTACOS (etc) sort of way. I was amused, and for once, my brain was happy to try and put that into action. Well, it helped that Z had some chicken breasts to hand, as I wanted to try my hand at crockpot chicken taco filling. So then, a plan was born. Mwuhahaha, etc.

IMG_20160819_180714579 IMG_20160819_180912963 IMG_20160819_181307908

Now, the recipes I found for making chicken taco filling were pretty universal — chuck meat into the slow cooker with chicken broth and taco spices. Taco spices generally consist of some combination of chili pepper, paprika, garlic, salt, pepper, and cumin (can’t forget the cumin!). I generally just chuck stuff in a bowl and tip it in, and did it twice through the process. By the end of it, the meat was shredding at the merest touch, so really, job done. And we’ve enough left over for tomorrow as well. I did the guac, Z did the salsa, and the girls ignored both. Oh well. *chuckles*

IMG_20160819_162753966 We are supposed to be getting lots of rain in. Good ol’ Britain, if it’s not one or the other. Z reported torrential rain over in Bedford, while us over thissaway only got a few little showers. I’ve got my curtain thrown wide so I can see it if it happens, because rain is both energising and soothing to me. Like, if it’s bucketing rain, I sleep better. If it’s thunder and lightning, I’m up and about not because the noise (also soothing, believe it or not), but because I love ’em so much and the extra electricity in the air gets in me and vivification, aww yiss. *giggles*

And speaking of sleep, the girls continue to be doing well in that arena. Their chosen get-up time seems to be 7:10am, but as they’re not disturbing me, I’m not going to be that worried. It does encourage me a bit to think about getting up when my alarm goes off rather than 20 snoozes later, but I don’t feel pressured either. Littlerbit is still crying when we put her down and leave, but we’re talking 15 seconds yesterday, and even less today. And crying aside, she’s quite happily toddled up there and put herself in bed, so we know that the little bit of cry is for show. But having said that, both of our children have a heavy dose of Baby FOMO, so.

Anyways, we’re both feeling pretty gross/sick right now, so I think a rainy weekend in is going to do us some recuperative good. We’ll see.


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