Oh, For Eff’s Sake

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IMG_20160818_141659568Smallhausen has been trying to break me of my swearing, which means I probably should do more of it here. Fuck fuckety on a shit-covered fuckpike, etc. Better? Better.

Sort of.

The day got off to a fairly good start, in spite of me completely forgetting to take my meds last night and taking forever and the guest bed to get to sleep. And waking up to a dream of my n-mom screaming at me for doing something ‘wrong’. And then having my guts in such a sickly twist of relative illness as to cause me to sweat.

IMG_20160818_170325482Well, my shoes eventually arrived at least? They look great and they’re comfy. And they came at pretty much the last possible hour for me to join Z and the children on a planned shopping outing. We were shopping for trainers for Smallhausen primarily, then ended up picking up quite a few bits for Littlerbit as well. I ended up with a can of apple juice to try and help keep me from puking, a little box of fancy-ass chocolates, two tops, and a pair of leggings (the latter three items costing all of £12, aww yiss). They’re plain black ‘boring’ leggings, as it seems like I can’t easily find interesting ones in my size. The interesting ones on Amazon all claim to be one size fits all, but I’m thinking the bodaciousness of my butt and tummy would probably supersede that. And naw, we don’t have Lularoe here, nor would I support what amounts to yet another ‘mompreneur’ rip-off scheme, like Avon, Jamberry, WineShop at Home, Young Living, Pampered Chef, and so on. It’s nothing against my fellow mothers — it’s more that I really don’t like seeing them potentially ripped off. If anyone in the UK knows of a place to potentially get interesting leggings at a cheap and cheerful price though, lemme know.

Righto, that’s more than I thought I’d get out of myself. Cross your fingers that I feel better tomorrow. And in the interim, have a funny picture I saw on Facebook.




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