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Here, have some pictures.

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First things first, the girls slept the night through together. It wasn’t the most auspicious start because Littlerbit gets shrieky at being ‘abandoned’, but after initial drama, she was in bed until her sister woke up this morning. Can I saw awesome, or awesome? I’m fervently hoping that we see a repeat tonight, so fingers crossed for us.

Second thing, the headache drama. I ended up taking a Nurofen Plus (codeine + ibuprofen) this morning with my paracetamol (Tylenol/acetaminophen). It… sort of worked? I tried to remember to have lots of water too, though that was stymied by a lack of ice in the freezer. I made use of the Death Star ice ‘cubes’, because they are huge and awesome and if I drink quickly enough, I can get a couple of pints past a single orb. I scared Z actually; he thought I’d meant that the ice maker in the freezer was broken. It’s not — it’s just rather empty. I assured him that it *is* making ice, and that I’m just trying to let that build back up a bit. I can blast through it pretty quickly when it’s as hot as it has been lately.

Anyways, I will probably have to dose myself similarly tomorrow, but in the afternoon. I’ve avoided outings the last few days due to heat/health/etc, outside of going to the post office to send for my absentee ballot. Murka, woo, etc. But tomorrow, the plan is for us to all load up and go to Biggleswade to do a few work bits, and a few shopping bits. Smallhausen needs a couple of new pairs of shoes, and just browsing in general. I’ve also plotted chicken tacos for Friday, so we need to pick up a few bits to make that happen.

Anyways, stuff. Things. Gonna get back to my Pokémonning. Yes, it does work properly on the old DS, so I’m going along with that for now.


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